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External Access is required to allow AroFlo into your organisation as an impersonating user.

This is used when you have asked for support, but AroFlo staff need to access your site / organisation.

How it works

Granting external access to your AroFlo site will help us to help you more quickly.

When granting external access:

  • We have access to your whole organisation but we never change any data unless we have your prior permission.
  • You are in control of when AroFlo can access your information. You can start or stop access whenever you want.
  • You are in control of who can grant external access to your site using Permission Groups.
  • We take confidentiality very seriously and we'll never disclose private information about you. We also have strict controls to ensure high levels of security when accessing your organisation.

Grant external access

When you contact AroFlo Support for help with a problem, you can quickly grant external access at the same time.

  1. From the Help Menu () on the top right, click External Access.
  2. Click + Grant External Access
  3. On the popup box, select the Company Name that will be granted access (typically AroFlo Innovations Pty Ltd)
  4. Select the dates (inclusive) of access using Access From and Access To
  5. Click + Add External Access.

Certain types of support request also ask for external access.  See Submit a Support Request for more information.

Disable external access

External access will automatically be revoked once the Access To date has passed.

You can also manually revoke / disable external access at any time. 

  1. From the Help Menu () on the top right, click External Access.
  2. A list of companies (with active external access) is shown, click Disable () on the relevant line.

    Companies that have had external access disabled (manually or automatically) will appear in the Disabled list (top right).

  3. Click Save

Who can grant external access

External access can be granted by users in the following Permission Groups:

Pre-Built Permission GroupsCustom Permission GroupsLegacy Access
Management Only

Groups that include the segment External Access with all access types enabled (list, view, create, delete)




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AroFlo Help Centre

You can click on the question mark icon in the top right of your AroFlo site to send an email support request, start a live chat, or search our Help and Training resources.

Phone Support

If you need urgent assistance, please call our Customer Service team on the numbers below between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (Melbourne, Australia time, public holidays excluded).

03 9259 5200

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After hours support

For business-critical issues after hours, call one of the above support numbers. If we can't answer immediately, please leave your details and we'll call you back asap.