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To export all customer and supplier contacts from Reckon, follow these steps:

1. In the top menu, click: Reports > Customers & Receivables > Customer Contact List


2. Click “Modify Report”

3. Select ALL options. This is time consuming. A quick trick is to press down, then space on the keyboard (for the unchecked items)

4. Click “OK”

5. Click “Hide Header” and then click “Export...”

6. Select the options:

  • If you have Microsoft Excel installed, select “a new Excel workbook”.

  • If you do not, select “a comma separated values (.csv) file”

7. Click “Export” (This will then open Excel, or a text editor with your report.)

8.  Save the file in a location that you will remember.

Repeat the processes for Supplier, but select “Suppliers & Payables” in Step 1.