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To export all customer and supplier contacts from Xero, follow these steps:

1. Sign into Xero

2. Click on “Contacts” > “Customers” 

3. Ensure that the Customers tab is selected, and Click on “Export"

4. The file will be downloaded as “Contacts.csv” – Please rename this file to “Customers.csv”.

5. Repeat the process for Suppliers. Click on “Contacts” > “Suppliers”.

6. Rename the file to “Suppliers.csv”.

7. Repeat for Contractors (if applicable) and rename the file to “Contractors.csv”


Identify your contacts as 'Client' or 'Supplier'

If you have exported all of your contacts to one file, you will need to add a column called "Client/Supplier" and use it to identify each contact as a Client or a Supplier. This will ensure that we import your contacts correctly into AroFlo, otherwise they will all be imported as Clients.