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To export all customer and supplier contacts from Saasu, follow these steps:

Identify your contacts as 'Client' or 'Supplier'

Saasu data requires you have Client/Supplier/Contractor selected on the Contacts card. If you have not selected these options, AroFlo will be unable to differentiate your clients from your suppliers. For this reason, any contacts that are not flagged as a client or a supplier will not be imported into your AroFlo site.


1. Log into your Saasu company file and select “Contacts” from the list at the top.

2. Select all of your Contacts by ticking the checkbox in the headings section to the left of “Last Name”



3. Leave the Export drop menu to “Spreadsheet (CSV)” and then click “Export” (next to “Spreadsheet (CSV)” in the picture above.

4. A new window will pop open in your browser, and download the file.

5. Locate the file in your downloads folder, and send to AroFlo.