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To export all customer and supplier contacts from MYOB AccountRight Premier, follow these steps:

1. File > Export Data > Cards > Customer Cards

2. Leave the defaults set on the next page (Tab-delimited, First Record:Header Record) and click “Continue”

3. Click “Match All”

Do not select individual fields - export all

It is vital that you export all data from MYOB as it is used during the import process. If you have data that you do not wish to import (i.e. you have used the address field to record notes about a client), please contact Customer Support on +61 3 9259 5200., or indicate any issues with the data when you send it via email support.

4. Click “Export”

You will have the option to save the file CUST.TXT. Please save this file in a location you will remember.

Repeat the process for the Supplier cards, but in Step 3 please select “Supplier Cards”. The file will save as SUPPLIERS.TXT.