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Any user can update their own details and Admin users can update any user's details.

  1. Select Users from the Manage menu to see the list of users.

  2. Click on the user's first name or surname to view their user card.
  3. Update any details as needed and click Save.

See below for settings which can be updated.

Your level of access determines which of the below settings you'll have access to.

User card settings


Given Names, Surname

Enter the user's full name.

User Name

Enter a username (min. 4 - max. 36 characters) and click the Check Availability button to ensure it is a unique username.

Special characters such as @ # $ % [ ] " ' - are accepted, which allows for email addresses to be used as a username.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication offers an additional level of security for your AroFlo site. It requires users to enter their user name, password, and a code obtained from an authenticator app.


Select an appropriate position from the list.

Please note this list is configured in Site Admin > Service > Options > User/Contact Positions.

Phone, Fax, Mobile, Email Address,

Alternative Email Address

Enter contact details. Mobile and email address are used for system-generated notifications.

Address Line 1, Address Line 2,

City, State, Postcode

Enter user's address details.

GPS Coordinates

Click Auto-Generate to capture GPS coordinates of the address.
This information assists with making decisions on job-runs, scheduling commitments and resource management.

User settings

Settings tab

Sync AroFlo calendar with Google

Allow AroFlo to post schedules for this user to their Google Calendar. This allows users to receive notifications of scheduled work via their mobile phone's calendar.

For information on setting up this link, see Google Calendar Sync.

Notes tab

Used to record notes about the user in either plain text or richly formatted HTML. Date and time stamps are automatically stored against the note. See Notes for more information.

Assets tab

Allows you to keep track of company assets provided to staff by assigning an asset to a user's profile.

To assign an asset to a user:

  1. Click Add Asset.
  2. Select an asset from the list.


    • Click on the column headers to sort, e.g. click Asset to sort alphabetically
    • Type a search query (minimum 3 characters) into the box below the column header (e.g. Name) to filter by your selection.
  3. Click X to close the window.
  4. Click Save.

Tracked assets

This includes assets which are being GPS Tracked.

To unassign an asset from a user:

  1. Click the red x next to the asset you want to unassign.
  2. Save your changes.

To check the history of previously assigned assets, select History  from the dropdown. The view will change to 'Historical Assets'.


  • Click on the column headers to sort, e.g. click Name to sort alphabetically; click Assigned to sort by date.
  • Type a search query (minimum 3 characters) into the box below the Name column header to filter by asset name.

Documents and photos tab

The documents and photos functionality is only available if you have Document Storage enabled for your AroFlo subscription.
To find out more or to activate this feature, please call AroFlo Customer Support or log a request via Help button > Email Support.

Documents and photos specific to the user can be uploaded for reference. This could include a photo, bio or certifications. You could add user photos to layouts (such as a final invoice) so your clients can see who did certain work or who is going to show up at their door. An example can be found in Add Images to Layout.

User photos in Calendar

User photos will display by default on the Aroflo calendar.

Click to enlarge

If you don't want user photos in the calendar, go to the Calendar Settings > General Settings and select Show Resource Name Only.

See Upload Documents and Photos for a guide to uploading documents and photos to a user card.

Calendar Subscription tab

This allows you to generate a link a user can use to subscribe their AroFlo calendar to an external calendar. Using the checkboxes, you can limit how much information is sent from AroFlo to the external calendar. Refer to Subscribe Calendar to a Third Party Program for more instructions.

Changing access permissions or resetting passwords are administration functions that require access to Site Admin. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance.