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If you want to create a quote that's very similar to one you've made in the past, a great way to do this is to duplicate the quote and then edit the remaining details.

This works with both simple and detailed quotes.


  1. Find the quote that you want to replicate by using ServiceTrack > Quotes and using the relevant search and/or filter options.

  2. Click the name of the quote to open the quote worksheet.
  3. Click the  (three dots icon) next to Save Quote and click Save As... and give your quote a new name  and Save.

    • By default, the name of the quote will start with COPY - (Original quote name)
    • If you're duplicating a quote template, it's advisable to put the word 'template' somewhere in the quote name.
  4. Important: if the copied quote is for a different client, remember to edit the client  by clicking on the Client label and searching your client list.

  5. Edit any further details like the Location, due dates, descriptions, checklists, quote line items, etc (see below).
  6. Save Quote. The status of your duplicated quote will be set to In Progress.

None of these items will be transferred across to the duplicated quote. You will need to add them again to your new quote if applicable.

  • Checklists
  • Notes
  • Documents and Photos
  • Assets List
  • Schedules
  • Request for Quotes
  • Linked Tasks
  • Assigned Resources

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