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AroFlo's documents and photos functionality makes it easy for users to upload, search, view and email documents or photos within the Office and Field.

The documents and photos functionality is only available if you have Document Storage enabled for your AroFlo subscription. To find out more or to activate this feature, please call AroFlo Customer Support or log a request via the Help menu > Email Support.

Documents and photos can be uploaded to tasks, quotes, expenses, assets, inventory items, user cards, client cards, supplier cards, invoices, credit notes, projects and more.

  • Take before and after photos of a job
  • Record a photo of a client's set-up for future reference
  • Store drawings, instruction manuals, copies of receipts, and more
  • Upload a wide range of file formats, including video files
  • Rename files
  • Access stored documents or photos 24/7, in the office or field

The documents and photos feature appears slightly differently in some areas of AroFlo. Use the links below to read about some of the ways in which this feature can be used, or select one of the links on the right to learn in your own way.

Use the Document Directory for files that you'll use regularly, and which relate to your whole business rather than to a specific task, client, supplier, etc.   

Job related documents and photos can be uploaded directly to a task.

Open Task > Document & Photos tab > Add Documents & Photos

See Manage Documents and Photos for other options available for uploading documents and photos to a task.

Supporting documents such as receipts can be uploaded against individual expense items.

Open Task > Expense button > [Add an expense and click Save] > Documents & Photos > Add Document (plus icon)

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Documents and photos associated with individual assets that belong to your business or your customers can be uploaded within the asset register.

Manage > Assets > [Select an asset] > Document & Photos tab > Add Documents & Photos

Documents and photos associated with inventory (e.g. product photos, specification sheets, install guides) can be uploaded within Inventory.

Manage > Inventory > [Select an inventory item] > Document & Photos tab

Project related documents and photos can be viewed from ServiceTrack > Projects > Open Projects > [Select a project] > Document & Photos tab

This view combines documents and photos (as read only) that:

  • have been uploaded to the project itself
  • have been uploaded to tasks linked with the project.

Project specific documents and photos can be uploaded if you edit the project.

From the Project View, click Edit Project > Document & Photos tab.

The Task Project Documents Visibility setting controls what documents are displayed in the Project Documents tab within a Task.

Example: This is useful when you have a scope or schedule sent from the builder. You might want this available on every task linked to this project.

Documents and photos can be uploaded against users (e.g. certifications, Identification).

Manage > Users > [Select a user] > Document & Photos tab > Add Documents & Photos

Adding new users is an administration function that requires access to Site Admin. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance.

Documents and photos associated with the client.

Manage > Clients > [Select a client] > Document & Photos tab > Add Documents & Photos

Copies of certifications belonging to a user or supplier (e.g. a sub-contractor) can be uploaded to a certification type.

Compliance > Certifications > [Select a certification] > User / Supplier > [Select user or supplier] >Edit > Add Documents & Photos.

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Documents and photos can be uploaded to multiple areas of a custom compliance form. This allows you to display images where you want to on your RTF layouts

When completing a custom compliance form that has the Documents & Photos field type applied, click the plus icon under Add Documents or Photos.

Documents and photos can be uploaded against relevant checklist items.

Navigate to a Task or Quote> Checklist tab > Add Documents & Photos.

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