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Document folders allow you to better organise your documents and photos.

Document folders are currently available in the following areas:

Like documents and photos, document folders are specific to a record (like a quote or task). So if you create document folders for one task, they will not be available to another task.

The Document Directory can be used for shared files and folders, which is available from within any area that has the Documents & Photos tab.

Creating folders

Create a folder

To create a new folder in the document directory:

  1. Click (plus icon)
  2. Name the new folder
  3. Click (save).

Create a sub-folder

Hover over the folder you want to use as the top-level folder. On the controls that appear to the right of the folder name, click(green plus icon):

Enter a name for the sub-folder and click save   (green disk icon).

Click the (edit) icon to change a folder's name.

Click the (delete) icon to remove a folder.

The (solid black folder) icon indicates that there are sub-folders in that category.

To change a sub-folder to a top-level folder, drag it to the Top Level Drop Area at the bottom of the folder list.

Move a file to a folder

You can move a file from one folder to another by using the icon under the Drag column  and dragging the file to the folder you want.

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