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The document directory functionality is only available if you have Document Storage enabled for your AroFlo subscription.
To find out more or to activate this feature, please call AroFlo Customer Support or log a request via the Help button > Email Support.

AroFlo's Document Directory is a repository for those documents and photos that you need to use regularly, e.g. terms and conditions, pricing schedules, info sheets, product photos.

You can build a folder structure for easy access to your files, and you can easily add to your directory.

The Document Directory is available from within any area that has the Documents & Photos tab:

  • Task worksheets
  • Quote worksheets
  • Expenses
  • Assets
  • Inventory items
  • User cards
  • Client cards.

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The Document Directory is for documents and photos that are not specific to a particular record (e.g. task, client).

To upload items specific to a particular record, see Manage Documents and Photos. Items uploaded to a specific record will remain only within that record; they will not appear in the Document Directory.

Upload files to the Document Directory

To upload files to the Document Directory, go to Manage > Documents.

  1. Click the folder you need or create a new folder.
  2. Click Add Documents & Photos then either:
    1. click Upload, to search and attach from your file system
    2. drag and drop files onto the Upload New Document window
    3. click Take Photo, to take a photo of the document and upload it automatically.
  3. Click Done.

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Create a new folder

To create a new folder in the document directory:

  1. Click (plus icon)
  2. Name the new folder
  3. Click (save).

Create a sub-folder

Hover over the folder you want to use as the top-level folder. On the controls that appear to the right of the folder name, click(green plus icon):

Enter a name for the sub-folder and click(save).

Click the (edit) icon to change a folder's name.

Click the (delete) icon to remove a folder.

The (solid black folder) icon indicates that there are sub-folders in that category.

To change a sub-folder to a top-level folder, drag it to the Top Level Drop Area at the bottom of the folder list.

Move a file

You can move a file from one folder to another by clicking the (click and drag) icon and dragging the file to the folder you want.

Attach a file from the Document Directory

To attach a Document Directory file to a record, such as a task:

  • open the record and go to the Documents & Photos tab
  • click the arrow on the right of the Add Documents & Photos button and select Document Directory
  • highlight the file you want and click Select Document Directory
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    Clicking on the document name opens a preview or copy of the file. To highlight the file, click on any field other than the document name.

  • click X to close the window then click Save Documents.

For any document or photo stored in the Document Directory, you can create a shareable link which you can paste into emails and templates. This allows you to send documents externally without increasing the size of your email.

To create a link:

  1. Go to Manage > Documents.
  2. On the document or photo you want to link to, click the icon in the Link column.


  3. Click the drop-down menu to select how long you want the link to remain shareable for (from 5 minutes to 5 years), then click Set Duration.


  4. Copy the Link URL and paste it into whichever document or email you want it in.
  5. Click the X to close the Shareable Link window.
  6. Click Save Documents. The expiry date and time appears under the Public Expiry column.


To stop sharing a document before the expiry date or time has been reached:

  1. Go to Manage > Documents.
  2. On the document or photo you want to stop sharing, click the icon in the Link column.
  3. Click Make Private.
  4. Click the X to close the Shareable Link window.
  5. Click Save.
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