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Current purchase orders can only be deleted if there are no items on the order and no items on back order. If the purchase order has items or back ordered items, you will need to remove all of them and save before you can delete the order.

  1. Open the purchase order.
  2. Click the (trash can icon) to delete each line item.

    No delete button?

    The (trash can icon) only appears on unverified items. If you need to delete an item that has been verified, click the checkbox in the Verify column to unverify the item, then Save. The (trash can icon) will then appear.

    Alternatively, you can use the multi-delete button to quickly select all items. The (trash can icons) turn to check boxes so you can select which items to delete, or click the box at the top to select all items.

    If the purchase order has items that are attached to a task and you wish to remove them, tick 'Delete items from Task' before deleting each line item. The image below shows one item that's been assigned to 'Stock' and two items that have been assigned to a task (number JN 505).

  3. Once all items have been selected, click Save.

  4. Click Delete Purhcase Order (bottom right of screen) > OK.