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In order to delete a task, all resource information (i.e. labour, materials, expenses), forms, purchase orders and notes first need to be removed from the Open Task worksheet.

If the task was created from a quote, you will need to delete the quote and the corresponding task will automatically archive.

StepWhat to do
1Working in the Business Unit the task belongs to, open the task (ServiceTrack > Current > [task name]).

If there are any items listed under the Labour, Material or Expense headings, click each of these buttons in turn and delete any items listed within them by clicking the Del link beside each item.

Click the  task name  in the top left after working in each section, to return to the Open Task worksheet.


If there are any task notes, remove them:

    1. Click the Edit Note link, next to each task note
    2. Click Delete Note > OK.

Click the Compliance Forms tab, open each compliance form and delete it by changing its status to Delete. Click Save to remove it.

You will not be able to delete the task if there are open compliance forms on it. A warning message will appear advising that the task must be archived, instead.


Scroll to the bottom of the task worksheet, click the Status dropdown menu and select Delete Task.

If you can't see the Delete Task button, it means that:

  • there are items yet to be deleted from the task (e.g. labour, material or expense items), or
  • there is an open compliance form, or
  • the task belongs to another business unit, or
  • the task has  a quote attached to it  (see Delete a quote).

  • Your Permission Group has this feature disabled.

Click Save > OK to confirm the removal of the task.

Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.

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