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Sales invoices are used for charging costs that are not directly related to a Task or Project, such as over the counter sales of items.  

By default, inventory items added to sales invoices do not affect inventory stock levels. If you would like to track inventory levels for sales invoices, a Site Administrator will need to enable this feature in Site Admin > Basic SettingsTrack Inventory on Sales Invoices

To create a sales invoice:

  1. Go to Create > Invoice.

    Sales invoices can also be created via ServiceTrack > Invoicing > Create Sales Invoice

  2. Click  (magnifying glass icon) to search the client list.

  3. Double click to select a client from the list.

  4. Complete the fields as required:  

    Cust ONUsed for referencing a customer order number.
    Location Search and select from a list of locations linked to the client.
    Client Note

    Used for recording internal notes or messages relating to the client.

    Notes entered into this field will automatically update the Client Message section on the Client Card.

    TermsAutomatically populates based on the terms set in the client card.
    Invoice NoteUsed for recording notes relating to this particular invoice.
    Invoice No

    Automatically populates with the next available invoice number. This number must be unique and should not be edited.

    Please contact your Site Administrator if a higher invoice number sequence is required.

    Invoice DateAutomatically populates with the date of creation. This can be edited if needed.
    Due DateAutomatically calculated based on the terms set in the client card. This can be edited if needed.

    Enter a description for the invoice.

    Alternatively, use the Descriptions button to select from a list of description templates that you may have saved previously.

  5. Ad-hoc items can be added by clicking Add Line Item, or use the Multi-Search button to select items from your inventory.

  6. Check that you've entered a Qty value for each line item before clicking Save.

  7. The invoice can now be printed or emailed via the Print Options.

  8. Change the Status to Approved to move the invoice into the Approved Invoices section, or use the Save and mark as Approved button.

    An invoice must be set to Approved before it can be pushed across to your accounting package.

If the 'Track Inventory on Sales Invoices' feature has not been enabled for your AroFlo site, you will see a red message advising that the multi-search items added to the invoice will not affect inventory stock levels. This message will disappear once the invoice is saved.

Delivery Status (MYOB)

This dropdown menu will only appear if you have an accounting integration with MYOB or MYOB AccountRight Live. Look for it below the Print Options dialog box.

Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFloGo.