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The process for creating a quote is exactly the same as creating a task:

  1. In the main menu, click Create > Quote.
  2. Set the Owner, Client, Location and main Asset where applicable.
  3. Set the Task Type and Quote Identification.
  4. Set the Priority and Due Date (if applicable).
  5. Set the Task To to the person who will be responsible for the job if the quote is approved.
  6. Enter the quote request details into the Description area (i.e. Problem/Request).

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  7. Schedule the quote if required.
  8. Set the Reported By/Contact.
  9. Set the Estimator or person preparing the quote.
  10. Click Create Quote.

For greater detail on the individual steps, please refer to the Create a Task page.

Once created, continue as either:

  • Simple Quotes - Used when the work to be quoted on is fairly straightforward. Once accepted, a simple quote becomes a task. It cannot become a project. Example: Replacing a set of automatic entry doors on an office building.
  • Detailed Quotes - Used when the work to be quoted on is complex and contains many stages, known as 'take-offs' in AroFlo. Once accepted, a detailed quote can become a project. Example: Building a multi-unit housing complex.

Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.