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Part invoices are used at the start of a job for deposits or during the course of a job to invoice the client for part of the work undertaken.

To create a part invoice for a Task:

  1. Click Invoices located on the right of the Open Task screen.
  2. Click Create Part Invoice.
  3. You can build the part invoice by:
    1. adding ad-hoc Line Items,
    2. using the Multi-Search for inventory items,
    3. using Quote Pick List to view and select quoted items,
    4. or by using supplier online catalogues (if you have them set up).

Part invoices are displayed in Detailed invoice style only.

Add Calculated line item

If you want to work out a percentage of the total to invoice, add a calculated line item:

  1. Click on the down arrow next to Add Line Item and select Add Calculated Line Item to display the line item calculator.
  2. Enter a percentage that you want to include as a line item

  3. Select to either calculate on the total amount remaining on the task, the total amount remaining on the quote, or the overall value of the quote. The Invoiced to Date information above will help you out with your calculations.

    Item Description

    The Item Description will default to the percentage of the option you selected. You can override this by clicking on the(pencil icon)

  4. The calculated amount will be shown as the Line Item Total

  5. Click Set Total when finished to add the line item.

You can also use the reverse process by typing an amount into the Line Item Total box and the percentage will update accordingly.

Override Quote

Using this method will Override the Quote value.

Link Task items

Linking task items is an effective way to track the job costs associated with each invoice line item. Using this method, each invoice line item has a selection of task items grouped together. You can also link items from a linked quote.


  • You want to enter customised invoice line items, but want to show what job costs are related with each invoice line item.
  • You want to invoice for ongoing work to date and easily identify the materials, labour and expenses you have previously invoiced.

  • You want to include all quoted works as a single line item.

  1. Using any of the methods above to add line items, click the (link) button.
  2. Click Link Items  and select the type of item(s) you want to add from the task (Labour, Material, or Expenses), or add items from a linked quote.

  3. From the pop-out window, double click your items to add the entire quantity to the invoice and close the window once finished.

  4. (Optional) Edit the Linked Quantity for items if you don't want to add the entire quantity to this particular invoice line item (e.g. adding some of the quantity on this invoice line item and some on another).

    • To remove a linked item, click the(red trash can)
    • After saving the invoice, task items already linked to a line item will tell you that they're already linked  and also tell you how many have already been invoiced.

  5. Enter your values  for the overall invoice line item, or, click Use Sum of Items to apply the linked line items' total cost and total sell value to the invoice line item.

  6. Save the invoice to apply these groupings.

Collapse/expand grouping

The link button will change colour to indicate items are linked. Click the button again if you want to collapse the grouping.

See Add or Edit a Table Element - Sub Tables for more information on how you can display Linked Task Items on invoice layouts.

Compare Tool

Alternatively, use the Compare Quote, Jobsheet and Invoice Items tool to add items from the quote or jobsheet to the invoice.

Click the Compare Quote, Jobsheet and Invoice Items tab.

Select either the quote or jobsheet item you want to add to the invoice by clicking the arrow icon next to Qty when it appears. This will add the item to the invoice with the quantity from either the task or the quote, whichever column you clicked from.

Alternatively, you can add all of the items from a task or quote to the invoice by selecting Invoice All at the bottom of the Quote or Jobsheet columns.

Click to enlarge

Click Save to display the selected items.

Click to enlarge

Quick Comparison

The compare tool uses colours and icons to indicate variances between the item quantities on the invoice and the item quantities on the quote or jobsheet.

Quantity invoiced is greater than the quote or jobsheet
Quantity invoiced is less than the quote or jobsheet
Quantity invoiced is equal to the quote or jobsheet

You can create as many part invoices as you need to for the same task. Just click the Invoices button on the Open Task worksheet and repeat the steps above. When you're ready to create a final invoice, set the task to Completed.

Approve the Invoice

Once you have printed or emailed the invoice, set the Status to Approved and Save the invoice to move it into the 'Approved Invoices' section of the ServiceTrack > Invoices list.

Alternatively, use the (three dots) button next to Save to save and mark the invoice as approved at the same time.

An invoice must be set to Approved before it can be pushed across to your accounting package.

If you need to create another part invoice or a final invoice when the job is completed, you can refer to the Invoice Summary tab  in the Invoice totals panel to view past invoices listed against the task, the All Invoices tab for a full list of invoices raised against the task including line items, or use the Compare Quote, Jobsheet and Invoice Items tab to select the outstanding items to be invoiced.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Delete an Invoice

If you've raised an invoice in error, or if there's any other reason you need to delete the invoice, click Delete, towards the bottom left of the invoice > OK.

You cannot delete approved invoices or ones that have been processed to your accounting package.

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