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The Compliance menu gives you access to the various OH&S checklists and forms in your AroFlo site as well as access to the certification records for your users, client requirements and subcontractors.

Our Learning Tools also include tutorials about Compliance.

Menu OptionDescription


Displays a list of all compliance items (open/closed/all) that have been created.
The search function allows you to search for compliance items by Ref number or Job Number.

Safety Plan
Shows the periodic and linked forms you have set up.
Lists all of the Form Templates created in your site
Risk Templates
Lists all of the JSA Templates created in your site
OHS Checklists
Lists all of the OHS Checklist Templates created in your site
CertificationsLists all of the certification records for your site against users, clients (as requirements) and suppliers (as subcontractors)
Allows users with Compliance access to enter any Compliance Alerts. These are shown on the Home Page in the Message Board
ReportsMore detailed Compliance reports than what is available from the main Reporting area.