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The Completed Tasks list displays all of the tasks that have been completed and are ready for invoicing. Tasks with final invoices can still be displayed in this list if the invoice has not been finalised.

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Tasks highlighted in Blue have parts/materials with a zero dollar cost value.



Click into the search field and enter at least three characters for your search, select a field option (Task, Ref No, Job No, Cust On, Description, Client, Location, Cust Field), then click Search.


Columns can be sorted by Ref No, Job No, Client, Type, Requested, Completed, Completed By fields. Click a field heading link to sort tasks by that field.

You can re-order the list of fields by clicking and holding the mouse on any header and then moving it left or right on the page. Release the mouse button to drop the column into it's new position.

Click Default Ordering to return to the default AroFlo order of the columns.


Click on the From and To boxes located at at the top of the window to enter dates to filter by.
Bulk ArchiveAllows you to bulk archive any task that does not have a final invoice.
View More  Click the page number link at the bottom of the screen.

What do Base users see?

Base users will see any tasks that:

  • Have a status of Completed
  • Do not have a Final Invoice
  • Were previously Assigned.
Feature access

Your permission group determines access to this feature.

Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.