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Colour settings allow you to customise the colours used to differentiate between the various types of schedules within your calendar.

To access the colour settings for your calendar:

  1. Hover over the pop out menu at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click  (cog icon) to open the settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Colours section.

    Click to enlarge

Colour schedule by options

You can choose to colour your schedules by:

  • task
  • resource
  • task and resource
  • project (all tasks in a project will have the same colour)
  • tasks/project (all tasks in a project will have the same body colour but the task borders will be coloured differently)
  • none (system default colours will apply).

To select how you want to colour your schedules:

  1. Select your preferred option from the Colour Schedule By drop-down list.

  2. Click Save Settings to save your changes and update the calendar.
  3. Click x to close.

Change schedule colours

You can customise the colours for task schedules, including background, border and text colour. For timesheets, ad-hoc events and periodic or completed tasks you can change the background and text colours only.

To change your schedule colours:

  1. Access the colour settings for your calendar, as described above.
  2. In the Colour Schedule By drop-down list, select your preferred option.
  3. Click into the field you want to change:
    a. To change the background colour, click Background
    b. To change the border colour, click Border (for Tasks only)
    c. To change the text colour, click Text.
  4. Using the colour palette, select a colour as follows:
    a. Click and drag the arrow up or down the vertical colour bar to your preferred colour (see below)
    b. Click and drag the small circle in the colour square to your preferred shade(see below)
    c. Click anywhere outside the colour palette to close it.

  5. Click Save Settings to save your changes and update the calendar.
  6. Click to close the Settings tab.

Default schedule colours

If you leave the Default Schedule Colour boxes empty, the system default colours will be applied:

  • Task schedule - blue background and border, with white text.
  • Timesheet - yellow
  • Ad-hoc event - orange
  • Periodics - light grey
  • Completed Task - dark grey.

You can also select 'no colour' at the bottom of the colour pallet.

Feature access

Your permission group determines access to this feature.

Parts of this feature are included in AroFloGo.

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