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Introducing Bills

We've made some significant changes to purchase orders and the way they work, and we've added a feature called Bills.

You now have separate records for your purchase orders and supplier invoices:

  • The original purchase order, which reflects what you actually ordered and at what price
  • The supplier invoice, which is your record of how much you owe the supplier. This is created in AroFlo as a Bill and is linked to the purchase order.

What are the benefits?

  • As Purchase Orders and Bills are now two separate things, it should be easier to compare what you asked for and at what price vs what you received and at what cost.
  • It's ideal for partial delivery scenarios as you can have one Purchase Order and multiple Bills raised as items are received.
  • It allows for forecasting as you can compare Purchase Orders vs Bills, i.e. incomings vs outgoings.

Creating a Bills feature also allows for future developments:

  • Being able to accept a supplier invoice for multiple purchase orders.
  • Ability to record task-associated costs without a purchase order, for example, recording a task expense (such as accommodation) as a bill.
  • Ability to create a bill from the Create menu.

How do supplier imports work?

Using Supplier Invoice Imports

Supplier invoice imports still input data on the purchase order, just as they always did; however, they also automatically create a Bill, which is attached to the purchase order.

Not using Supplier Invoice Imports?

If you are not using supplier invoice imports, you will need to reconcile your purchase order and create a bill manually.

Other things to note

  • Your past purchase orders in a 'processed' status now have a bill attached to them.
  • Creating back orders works the same as before. If reconciling purchase orders manually, you can either raise the back order on the purchase order or on the bill once it's created.
  • Updating inventory pricing is done on the bill.
  • Creating credit notes is also done on the bill.

Where to access Bills

  • From purchase orders
  • Via ServiceTrack > Bills.

Any questions?

For any other questions, please read our FAQ page or contact our support team, who will be happy to answer any questions.

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