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When you open the calendar, it will automatically display the current day, week, or month, depending on the default view that you have configured in your calendar settings. There are a range of options within the calendar that allow you to quickly jump to the date you need, and display:

Old vs New Calendar

The very first time you log into your AroFlo site and access the calendar, you will be viewing the Old Calendar. The instructions below relate to the New Calendar, which was introduced in March 2020. To switch from the Old to the New, click New Calendar. This option will be removed in time, and only the New Calendar will exist.


The table below describes the navigation available within the AroFlo calendar.


Once you've created some views, this button will show the name of the selected view. For example:

Allows you to configure and save a range of calendar  views  for different areas of your business. For example, you may have a Staff view, a Contractors view, and an Assets view, or you may have a different view for each business unit.

Altering the calendar settings without saving them to a view will mean that when you navigate away from the calendar, your changes will not be kept. To keep your settings, you must either create a view to save them in, or edit an existing view. See Save a calendar view.

Takes you to the calendar settings.

Allows you to select the users, assets or crews that should appear on your calendar view.

Allows you to apply a range of filters to the events that appear on the calendar. You can filter by task type, priority, location and more.

(square with arrow icon)

Opens the calendar in a new tab, to provide more screen space to work with and also to allow for multi-tasking within other areas of AroFlo.

 (circular arrows icon)

Refreshes the calendar to show events (e.g. tasks, overheads) that you or another user have added to the calendar.

(outside arrows)

Moves the calendar view backwards or forwards 1 week in the daily and weekly views, and 6 months in the monthly view.

(inside arrows)

Moves the calendar view backwards or forwards 1 day in the daily and weekly views, and 1 month in the monthly view.

Returns the calendar view to the current day.

(calendar icon)

Opens the calendar date picker, which allows you to quickly display any date within the next six months.

  • Click and drag to select several days or weeks in a row.
  • Select a range of non-consecutive dates by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard (CMD key on Macs) while you click the dates within the calendar date picker. This allows you to see jobs that have been scheduled over a series of non-consecutive days.

Click the icon a second time to close the date picker.

Allows you to select the  view type  for your calendar. See Calendar View Types for more information.

A temporary option that allows you to switch to an older version of the AroFlo calendar.

The calendar displays the current time as a highlighted horizontal bar on the current day. The colour of the bar will vary depending on the theme of the Office interface.

The grey shaded section represents times outside of working hours.

Hours of Work

Hours of Work are set up in Site Admin, under Timesheets.

Click the plus icon to open the  calendar shortcuts:  

Add Task to ScheduleThis allows you to select a task and drag it onto the calendar to schedule.
See drag and drop scheduling.
Create TaskA shortcut to create a task.
Create ClientA shortcut to create a client.
View Resource ZonesView your resource zones.
Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.

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