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When you open the calendar after logging into AroFlo, it will automatically display the current day, week, or month depending on the default view that you have configured in your calendar settings. There are a range of options within the calendar that allow you to quickly jump to the date you need, and display additional event types such as task timesheets in your calendar view.


(two screens icon)

Opens the calendar in a new tab to provide more screen space to work with and also allows for multi-tasking within other areas of AroFlo.

(circular arrows icon)

Refresh the calendar to see changes made by you or another user.

(outside arrows)

Move the calendar view backwards or forwards 1 week in the daily and weekly views, and 6 months in the monthly view.

(inside arrows)

Move the calendar view backwards or forwards 1 day in the daily and weekly views, and 1 month in the monthly view.

Returns the calendar view back to today.

Opens the calendar date picker which provides six months of dates to select a date from, or click and drag to select several days or weeks in a row.

You can also select a range of non-consecutive dates by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard (CMD key on Macs) while you click the dates within the calendar date picker. This allows you to see jobs that have been scheduled over a series of non-consecutive days.

Click Calendar a second time to close the date picker.

The calendar is capable of displaying more than just task schedules. By default you will see the following events:

  • Task Schedules
  • Overheads
  • Ad-hoc Events
  • Periodics

Manager and Admin Users

If you enable the 'Task Timesheet' option, it will allow you to add task labour directly to your calendar and you will be able to see task timesheets entered by other users.

The calendar displays your browser's current time as a highlighted horizontal bar on the current day. The colour of the bar will vary depending on the theme of the Office interface.

As mentioned, this is based on your browser's current time.

Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFloGo.