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You can use AroFlo's bulk import function to update pricing and other details within your existing inventory.

This feature is ideal for managing your price file updates (when a supplier sends you new price lists) and you want to update your pricing without duplicating any items, or when you need to make other small adjustments like an item's identifier, manufacturer or barcode.

Price Levels

You can also use this feature to create/update Price Levels (see below).

To update existing inventory items:

  1. Follow the instructions found on our Bulk Data Import page for Inventory items up until the section called Map the columns.
  2. When it comes to mapping the columns, you have three options:
    1. Use one of our existing supplier mapping templates (AWM, Hayman, Tradelink, J R Turk, MMEM, Reece) which will auto-map most mapping fields for you.
    2. Use the Simple or Detailed Pricing mapping template. These options work best if you have used our bulk import templates and will make the columns map exactly as per the template.
    3. Start a new template and map each column manually.

  3. Continue mapping the columns and finish the import process.

    Mapping fields

    If a field name matches exactly, the column will be dark grey which means AroFlo has mapped it for you. If a field name doesn't match exactly or is titled something else, the column will be light grey and you will need to select a mapping field from the dropdown if you want to include this data. If you have a column that you don't want to import, select -- not mapped --.

For your updates to take effect, you must ensure the category, part number and item description are an exact match with your existing items, otherwise a duplicate item will be created.

Once the import process has finished, view the details of your inventory items to see that only the relevant information has been updated.

Importing Price Levels

If you want to update your inventory list to include price levels per item, use the price levels fields when mapping your data.

In the example below, the field 'sales_price 1' is being used to map to a price level.

There is a maximum of 10 price levels per inventory item.

Updating Price Levels

If you've already set up price levels, you can use this feature to update them. Follow the above instructions to include price levels per item, and ensure the spreadsheet you're importing has a relevant column for whether or not you want to update the price levels. If you want the price level to update, enter a '1' in the relevant item's cell.

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