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AroFlo's bulk data import feature speeds up the process of making detailed quotes, as it can create takeoff sheets automatically if your source data contains takeoff sheet or project stage names.

Import stages and line items

If your spreadsheet includes a column with project stages, you can import each stage as a takeoff sheet. You can also import the line items within those stages.

  1. Start by creating a Detailed Quote and go to the Quote Worksheet.
  2. Click Bulk Import.

  3. Follow the Bulk Data Import instructions. Select TakeOff Sheet Name as the mapping for your column with the project stage, followed by any other required columns.
  4. Your stages will import as takeoff sheets. Line items will be imported within the takeoff sheet.

Import line items only

If your data only includes line items, you can create your stages manually (as takeoff sheets) and then import line items.

  1. Click Add Takeoff Sheet and name it. Repeat for any additional Takeoff Sheets.
  2. Save the Quote.
  3. Click the folder icon on a Takeoff Sheet which will have line items imported.
  4. Click Bulk Import.

  5. Follow the Bulk Data Import instructions.
  6. Repeat from step 3 to import line items for other Takeoff sheets.