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The AroPoint Admin menu is used to:

  • add and manage users
  • import objects, geofences and points of interest
  • create objects.

From the Map view, click (cogs icon)

Manage users

Manage your users from the main Map screen. Edit a user by clicking on the(cog icon). See adding a user, below, for more info.

Click on the down arrow next to the cog to view data on objects assigned to this user.

Click on the(cog icon) next to an object to edit or delete it.

Main options


MapReturns to the main map view

UsersManage users menu (default option)

ObjectsManage objects menu

Secondary options


Add userCreate a user

Add object

Add an object

This can also be done from the Map view. see Adding an object.

Import ObjectsImport objects via CSV file

Import Geofences

Import geofences from other AroPoint users

Import POI

Import points of interest from other AroPoint users

Adding a user

Adding an AroPoint user is useful if you want to create custom levels of visibility as opposed to giving all users Full Access.

To add an AroPoint user:

  1. From the Map view, click (cogs icon).
  2. Click Add user

  3. From the Main tab, type the user's email address in the Email field.

  4. In the Available maps section, select the map types you'd like the user to be able to access.
  5. Create a password for the user and confirm it.

  6. From the Objects tab, select the objects that you want this user to be able to view.
  7. Save.

Permissions tab

The Permissions tab contains three access plans:

  • AroPoint Standard - allows AroPoint Admin users to view, edit and delete information from the Map, and create other AroPoint users
  • AroPoint Supervisor - allows Supervisors to view and edit information, but not delete
  • AroPoint Read Only - allows only viewing of the information.

Click the Plan dropdown to select the right plan for the user you are creating.

Select AroPoint Profile

If you want to link this AroPoint GPS profile to an AroFlo user, go to the Feature Access tab on the user's card in Site Admin and select the user from the Select AroPoint Profile dropdown.

If you want to log in as this user to see what access and visibility they have, click the(cog icon) next to the user and select Log in as. The Map view will open and you can see what objects display, which menu options will be available, etc. To switch back to view the map as yourself, simply refresh the page (F5).

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