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You can take your layout customisation up a notch by adding image elements. There are a range of image tables available within the Tables section of the layout Toolbox that allow you to add images from a Task, Invoice, Client, Location or Project. Images of users, materials or assets are also available by adding the appropriate document default image to the relevant table for labour, material and assets.

Some examples of uses:

  • Include photos taken on site on a quote layout.
  • Include photos of the technician who performed the work and the parts they used on an invoice layout.
  • Include photos of assets in an equipment checklist on custom compliance forms.
  • Include photos from Checklist items on a Task Layout.

Add images from a Task, Client, Location or Project

The following instructions show you how to add images from a Task, Client, Location or Project to a standard layout:

  1. Preview the required layout and click Customise.
  2. Click Tables and select one of the following:
    1. Task Documents (Images) - embeds images uploaded to a Task.
    2. Invoice Documents (Images) - embeds images uploaded to an Invoice.
    3. Client Documents (Images) - embeds images uploaded to the Client card.
    4. Task Client Documents (images) - embeds images uploaded to the Client card linked to the Task.
    5. Location Documents (Images) - embeds images uploaded to the Location card.
    6. Project Documents (Images) - embeds images uploaded to a Project.

      • Use the search box and type in 'image' or 'images' to save time. 
      • Image table options will vary depending on the type of layout. Please refer to Custom Layouts for full details on customising a layout and table definitions.
  3. The selected image element will be added to the top left of the layout. Click the element and drag it to where you want it to appear on the layout.

    The filter on the uploaded images you want to embed in a PDF must be set to Show Client or Show All. All other filter settings will prevent the system from embedding the images into the PDF.

  4. Use the Properties box located on your right to modify the attributes of the image. The Add Columns drop down list allows you to choose to display small, medium or large images and other document information.
  5. Click Save/Remove, enter a new name for the layout (if required) and click Save As.
  6. To preview the layout, click Preview/Customise, then Preview.

Add images of Users, Materials or Assets

The following slides provide instructions on how to add images of users, materials or assets to a layout.

Add images on Checklist table

If you've added documents and photos to checklist items, you can include this on your Task layouts.

Document visibility

Ensure the filter for each document and photo you want to include on your layout is set to Show Client/Contractor/All in order for them to display on layouts.
Show me how (Office)
Show me how (Field)

  1. Select the checklist table on your layout, or add one if necessary
  2. Add a checklist image column, e.g. Image Small or Image Small & Comment
  3. Save your layout and preview it.

For more information on what you can do with tables, please see Add or Edit a Table Element.

Here's one we prepared earlier...

Add images from your file system

You can also add images that are not stored in AroFlo. To upload an image from outside AroFlo:

  1. From within your layout preview, click Customise > Layout Elements > Image.
  2. In the Select / Upload Image window, click Choose File and navigate to the file you need.
  3. Select the file and click Open > Upload Image. The image will be added to the 'Select File' drop-down list.
  4. Under Select File, click the down arrow to select your image. A preview appears so you can tell whether you've got the right image.
  5. Click Use Image > Done.

Once you've placed your image onto the layout, you can click on it to alter the image properties, e.g. add a border or change the image size.