Getting Started

This page explains how to start using AroFlo as quickly as possible. To give your business the best chance of a successful AroFlo launch, try following our Getting Started with AroFlo guide which is a page containing everything you'll need to know to hit the ground running including a handy checklist attached to help you keep track of your preparations.

Also, don't forget to run through the Getting Started Assistant when you first start using AroFlo to quickly set up your company information, import your clients and suppliers (using a supported accounting package) and more!

Import your current data

Import your existing data to quickly get your AroFlo site up and running.

  • Client and supplier contacts.
  • Inventory data provided by your preferred suppliers.
  • Asset registers that you currently use, or which you've exported from another system.

Please refer to the following help pages for guidelines and templates for preparing your data:

You can do this yourself, quickly and easily, using our Getting Started Assistant or bulk import feature.

Otherwise we will send you a request for this information once we have consulted with you about your business requirements. You can then send the files to us.

Set up work order email imports

If your clients email their job requests in a consistent format, or you have a web enquiry form that generates an email, we can configure AroFlo to read these emails and automatically create jobs using the key details.

Work order email imports can be set up for any number of clients.

If your client changes the format of their work order, please notify our Customer Service team. The import settings are unique to the original work order format and any changes will result in a new work order set-up.

1. Send us a support request and include the following details:

  • The name of the client sending the work orders exactly as it appears in AroFlo.
  • The domain where work orders come from (e.g. "", "")

  • The user in AroFlo (user's name) that should be notified on import of success or failure.
  • The default Task Type the automated task should be assigned to.
  • If you have multiple business units, please nominate the Business Unit the automated task should be assigned to.

2. Attach a minimum of 4 samples of the work order email and attachments. These should include:

  • Samples with different location details (if applicable).
  • Samples with multiple pages.
  • Any other attachments that are included in the emails.
  • The body of the email that has the attachments.

If the work order details are in the body of an email, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

Work orders must be one of the following file types: PDF, CSV, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX or part of the email body.

Please note AroFlo is unable to read PDF files generated from a scanned document.

To ensure the maximum number of fields are captured when importing, please use the following format for the email body:

Task Description: (This is the task identifier in AroFlo - usually the job address)
Task Type:
Cust Order Number:
Due Date: (Please use a consistent format, best is: yyyy-mm-dd. Avoid using American format.)
Priority: (If you use this, please ensure the priority descriptions are the same as you have set up in AroFlo)
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Location: (Job address - may be the same as task description)
Location Phone: (Location contact)
Job Description:
Note1: (These will be notes on the task)


Get a head start

Take advantage of our Training Centre and get your AroFlo site off to a flying start.

All you need is the username and password provided in our welcome email. Click here to get started!

Our Training Centre groups essential learning into interactive courses. These feature a combination of short videos and step-by-step instructions designed to help you learn in your own time, and at your own pace.

You may choose to get started right now with the 'click here' link above, or complete introductory courses individually using the links below:

Set up your site

Learn the basics

Schedule an event

Our Learning Tools page is your central point for all AroFlo learning resources - online tutorials, videos, and written tutorials.

We're always updating and adding to our learning resources, so visit the Learning Tools often.

You can also browse our comprehensive Help documentation for the information you need.

Consult with an expert

One of our friendly consultants will work closely with you to find the most effective way to implement AroFlo into your business.

Your AroFlo consultant will develop a flexible learning plan based on your business requirements.

This will be discussed during your booking but please try to have Zoom installed by the first session so it goes smoothly and time is not wasted.

In order to be prepared for your pre-booked training and consulting sessions, please ensure you have your computer (PC/Mac/laptop) connected to the internet and ready for use. If more than one person will be attending the session, please ensure all participants are:

  • in attendance at the pre-booked date and time,
  • can hear the conversation clearly, and
  • are able to see the computer screen.

Preferably, you will have read the help page Join a Training Session which explains how to connect to Zoom before the first session.

You can start using AroFlo as soon as you have your username and password. Depending on the complexity of your business, it will take a period of time to configure the system, apply practical workflows and make the most efficient use of AroFlo.

Most of our customers have the system configured and are confidently using AroFlo within 4 to 6 weeks. This may be shorter or longer depending on your business model, individual requirements and the amount of time you dedicate to training.

If at any time the transition to AroFlo becomes difficult, please let us know and we will do our best to assist with the process. We have set up thousands of users, so we can provide plenty of tips and tricks and practical guidance to help you successfully implement AroFlo into your business.


Document storage

AroFlo's unlimited document storage allows you to upload, search, view and email all types of documents from the office or out in the field.

Documents and photos are available in the following areas of AroFlo:

  • Document Directory – store general information in one place for all users to access.
  • Tasks – store job related documents and photos for easy access when out in the field.
  • Projects – store project documentation for quality, traceability, and history.
  • Assets – store manuals, warranties and photos for a complete service history.
  • Inventory – store product photos, specifications and installation guides for reference purposes.
  • Expenses – store supporting documents such as receipts for easy verification of expense claims.
  • Users – store certifications, licences and profile pictures for staff, contractors and clients with system access.
  • Clients – store contracts, correspondence and client activity reports along with contact information.

To ensure optimal system performance, we have a 250mb limit on uploading single files.

Access to document storage is free until your AroFlo subscription billing period commences.

After the trial period, document storage is an additional monthly charge per subscription. Please see our pricing schedule and let us know if you wish to continue using document storage after the trial.

Accounting integration

AroFlo integrates with most popular accounting packages to enable you to transfer your financial data from AroFlo directly into your accounting system when you need it

AroFlo offers several integration points to various leading cloud based accounting packages. Please refer to Accounting Integration for a list of supported accounting packages and versions.

Please refer to the Comparison of Accounting Integrations help page for information on the types of data that can be transferred, and a comparison of how data is presented in AroFlo and how it appears when transferred to various accounting packages.

There is a one-off fee (per company file) for an accounting integration link set-up, plus an annual maintenance fee. Please see our pricing schedule.

Your AroFlo consultant can provide a quote for setting up an integration link for your accounting package.

If you're using Xero, you can meet your own basic integration needs using the Getting Started Assistant. However, if your accounting needs are more complex then your AroFlo consultant will advise the best time to set up your accounting integration, which is generally just before you start invoicing out of AroFlo.

Help and Support

AroFlo Help Centre

You can click on the question mark icon in the top right of your AroFlo site to send an email support request, start a live chat, or search our Help and Training resources.

Phone Support

If you need urgent assistance, please call our Customer Service team on the numbers below between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (Melbourne, Australia time, public holidays excluded).

03 9259 5200

09 8871 130

415 651 3496

After hours support

For business-critical issues after hours, call one of the above support numbers. If we can't answer immediately, please leave your details and we'll call you back asap.


See our Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful info about getting started with AroFlo.