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If you have a non-urgent query, you can submit an email support request at any time via the Help button within AroFlo. A member of our friendly Customer Service team will contact you within one business day.



Submit a new request

1. Select New Request.

 2. Choose the reason for your request from the drop-down menu:

    • I need some help
    • I need some training
    • I have an account query
    • I think something is broken
    • I have an suggestion to improve AroFlo

2. Enter the details of your request in the large text area provided.

3. Click Send Request

4. You will see a confirmation of your request with the AroFlo Job Number for your reference. You'll also receive an email confirming the details of your request.

If you reply to this email, your details will be added to your request and our Customer Support team will be notified of the update.


Client Email

To: [Current User Email] 
Subject: RE: [Task Identification] - AroFlo Jobnumber:[JobNumber]

To [Current User],

Your support request #[JobNumber] has been created successfully.

AroFlo Support will contact you within the next 24 hours regarding your request. If your request is urgent please call AroFlo Support directly on: 1300 794 818

AroFlo Support 
1300 794 818

Update an existing request

If you would like to add further notes or attachments to an existing request:

1. Select Existing Request at the top of the Support Request section.

2. Enter the AroFlo Job Number of our request.

3. Add relevant details to the large text area below.

4. Click Send Request.


Responding via email

After submitting your support request, you can send through screenshots or other documentation relevant to your request by replying to the email you received:


1. Open the email you received when creating your Support Request.

2. Click Reply.

3. Enter in any new details into the email body.

4. Attach any documents you'd like to send us.

5. Click Send.


Your email and attachments will then be added to your support request and our Customer Support team will be notified of the update.

On this page:

Help and Support

AroFlo Help Centre

You can find all the information you need in the Help Centre, which is accessible from AroFlo Office or Field.

Email Support

For non-urgent queries, please send us a support request via the Help button within AroFlo and we will contact you within one business day.

Phone Support

If you need urgent assistance, please call our Customer Service team during our business hours on the numbers below:

03 9259 5200

09 8871 130  

650 282 4487  

UK number

0203 769 3724

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