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Boost your success with AroFlo - and earn money - by diving into our Training Centre before your first training session.

  • Earn AUD $50 credit per course completed*
  • Access the courses 24/7
  • Complete them at your own pace
  • Replay completed tutorials at any time.

Terms and Conditions

Earn AUD $50 credit for each of the above courses you complete before your first training session. Maximum total of AUD $150 per AroFlo subscription. Offer not applicable to AroFlo Go subscriptions.

How does it work?

The Training Centre groups content into Courses. Courses include videos, help articles and interactive tutorials.

The interactive tutorials look like small pop-up windows that appear at various points on your AroFlo screen (see the orange highlight on the image).

  • Starting with how to log in, the pop-ups will show and tell you exactly how to use AroFlo's features
  • As you complete each step, a new one appears until the topic has been covered
  • Some of the pop-ups contain links to videos or to our online Help pages, for additional information.

It's a hands-on way of learning the software, using your own AroFlo site and your own information.

Accessing interactive tutorials

There are a couple of ways to access the interactive tutorials.

  1. Click the interactive tutorials link that appears in your Welcome Aboard email. Using the login details from that email, simply follow the prompts to log in and work through your first Course.
  2. When you're logged in to AroFlo, click the (question mark) icon to open the Help menu. Click Training Centre and select the topic you want to learn about.
  3. Click any of the (speech bubble) icons that appear throughout AroFlo to start an interactive tutorial about the feature in question.

    Some features have a (play) icon. Clicking these will play a video related to that feature.

Claiming your credit

Your AroFlo Consultant will arrange for your AroFlo subscription to be credited AUD $50 for each of the three introductory modules that you complete before your training session (max. AUD $150 per AroFlo subscription). There's nothing you need to do - just get started as soon as you can, to give yourself the best chance to both learn and earn.

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