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We're refining AroFlo pricing to provide greater flexibility with your default markups, inventory pricing and price levels.

To see our changes in detail, check out the what's changing page. For a quick summary, read on... 

Price Levels

  • You've always been able to set specific Price Levels against a Client (e.g. domestic / commercial / government).
    But what happens to items without the Price Level value set? Now, these items will use a Client Standard Markup (e.g. 10%), before applying Inventory and Business Unit markup settings. Learn more

  • New to Price Levels? We've introduced 'the grid' so it's even easier to configure a Markup Type and Price Level. Learn more

Inventory Items

  • You can now unlink the Markup % and the Sell price on an inventory item. Ideal when you want to set one client's pricing to use the Markup % and others to use the Sell price (such as an RRP) . Learn more

Default Markups

  • Setting whether AroFlo should use the Client, Inventory or Business Unit Price Level is now more flexible with the ability to not set a Markup Type or Price Level. Learn More

  • The Business Unit Markup is now required as a baseline / system default markup. There is no longer any hidden system default markup. Learn More

To see our detailed summary, click Learn More below.

Team AroFlo

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