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We recently announced a major facelift for AroFlo Field. In case you missed the announcement, click here to read the important details.

The next phase of the facelift involves grouping information into sections, as opposed to one long list on the screen.

Tasks will be the first in line to get this new format, but other features like Users and Clients will shortly follow.

Read on to learn more about the new and improved format.

Task worksheet

As well as revamping the header and menu, we've also made some changes to the way Tasks are displayed in Field.

Rather than having everything displayed on the one screen and having to scroll, we've broken tasks down into tabs. See below for a description of each tab.

No matter which tab you're on, there are five things which appear on every tab:

Task header

The Task header tells you the task type, the job number, the reference number, and the task name.

Start / stop timer

The start / stop timer is still at the top of the screen like before, but is now more prominent.

Task status

The status of the task is now found at the top of the screen to save you from scrolling to the bottom of the task like before. The status is now colour coded and also contains the substatus, if applicable.

Status greyed out or missing?

The Status and Sub-status* buttons appear based on user permissions. If you don't see these buttons, or if they are present but greyed out, please speak to your Site Administrator if you need to request access.

* If there are no sub-statuses set up for your business, the Sub-status button will not appear.

Capture Signature

Capture a signature at any time of the job, rather than scrolling down to the bottom of the task each time. The Capture Signature button appears at the bottom of the task worksheet on all tabs (except for the More tab).

Create button

The Create button  appears near the bottom right of the task worksheet on all tabs (except for the More tab). Tap this to create a new task or quote using the same client details.

Task Tabs

Depending on what you need to add to the task, tap the relevant tab on the bottom of the screen.

The Notes and More tab will have a counter on them to indicate that information is contained.


The first tab is the task overview which gives you the main details of the task like client name, location, description, due date, etc.

While the Overview is the starting tab on any task, if you switch to a different tab, e.g. Items, and then navigate to a different area of the system, the same tab will be active when returning to the task, until you log out.


The Checklists tab displays the relevant checklist items for the task as well as the ability to add checklist items and manual checklists.


Tap this to access the task notes and/or add your own notes.


Tap the Items tab to view Labour, Materials, and Expenses that have been added to the job. Click on the item to add your own. In addition, Purchase Orders are also displayed here.


Tap the More tab to see everything else relevant to the task, e.g. Forms, Assets and Linked Tasks, in the form of a popup. This button also gives you access to the print and email options. This button also gives you access to the print and email options.

What's next?

We intend to roll this same style of tabbed layout across all other areas of AroFlo Field, e.g. Users and Clients.

In addition, watch this space to see updates to the Task list.

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