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AroFlo's field interface, AroFlo Field, is undergoing a major facelift. After you log in for the first time since the change, you'll be prompted to switch to the new look, if you want to try it out.

If you select No and you later want to try out the new look, open the main menu from the top left and click this banner.

The new navigation bar

The new and improved navigation bar appears throughout AroFlo Field. Your profile image/initials appears at the top right, consistent with AroFlo Office. Click it to access the new profile menu.

Main Menu

The main menu is now consistent with Office and features dropdown tools, making it much easier to navigate.

New menu image for illustrative purposes only

Company icon

Your company or business unit icon will now appear here, just as it does in AroFlo Office. This is helpful so you know which business unit you're in.


Whether it be negative or positive, we value your feedback! Click the Feedback button to tell us what you think about the new design. It's only three short questions.

Help Menu

Tap Help to access our Help Centre and our new and improved Training Centre.

Profile Menu

The new profile menu contains your profile image/initials, just like in AroFlo Office:

Use this menu to:

What's next?

Coming shortly will be changes to the way tasks are displayed. Here is a sneak peek:

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