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The weekly timesheet view provides an easy way to view, edit and sign off on timesheet entries for each week.

View/edit timesheet entry

  1. Tap the + (plus symbol) to expand the timesheet details for each day.

  2. Tap (pencil icon) to open the timesheet entry.

  3. Make the required changes and Save, or tap  (red delete button) to remove this entry.

Sign off weekly timesheet

If a signature is required:

  1. Tap Sign Off to open the Capture Signature window.

    Missing Sign Off Button

    If the capture signature feature is not available, please contact your Site Administrator for assistance.

  2. Use a stylus or your finger to sign inside the signature box.

    If you make a mistake, tap Clear and sign again.

  3. Edit the Print Name if required.
  4. Optional: Extra 1 & 2 fields may be used for recording additional information.
  5. Tap Save Signature.


Feature access

Your permission group determines access to this feature.

Parts of this feature are included in AroFloGo.

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