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The users list in AroFlo Field provides quick access to users' contact details, certifications, and more.

  • Handy, one-click dialling, messaging or emailing
  • Easy access to user certifications and more
  • Convenient filter to locate archived staff.

Access the users list

Managers, Supervisors, and those with permission  can access the users list as follows:

  1. Tap the main menu icon
  2. Tap Manage > Users.

If your user has uploaded a photo to their user card, that will appear as their avatar. If they have not uploaded an image, their avatar will be their initials.

Archived Users

Tap the filters button to give you the option to display archived users.

Contact a user

If a user has contact details recorded in AroFlo, the icons to the right of their name will appear in a dark shade. Just tap the relevant icon to contact the person via your preferred method:

  • - the user has either a landline or a mobile number, or both, recorded in the system.
  • - the user has a mobile number recorded in the system
  • - the user has an email address recorded in the system.
Icons visibleMeaning

You can either call, text or email the user.

If the user has both a landline and a mobile number recorded in the system, the(phone) icon will dial the mobile. To dial the landline, tap the user's name to open their user card, then tap the Phone button.

You can either call or text the user; there is no email address in the system for them.

You can call the user on a landline only; there is no mobile number or email address in the system for them.

There are no contact details recorded for this user.

Open a user card

To open a user card, simply tap the user's name or their avatar. From there, you can view their contact details, and click on the tabs at the bottom to access additional options such as their certifications  and any notes recorded against their card.

The More  buttongives you access to:

Edit a user card

User cards can only be edited in AroFlo Office. See Edit a User for instructions.

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