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The status of a task informs anyone viewing the task what its overall progress is. You can set a main status and an (optional) substatus.

The status is shown at the top right of the task worksheet and contains the main status and substatus, if applicable. Click on it to edit it.

Main Status

The four main statuses a task can have in AroFlo are shown in this table.

To make it easier to see what status the task is in, they are colour coded.

Not StartedThis is the default setting for all new tasks.
In ProgressSet this status when you start work on the task to indicate that work is underway.
PendingSet this status if you are are waiting for something to happen, e.g. waiting on parts, the client, or a technician to return and finish.
CompletedSet this status once the work is finished so the task can be either invoiced or archived as needed.


A main status can have an associated substatus to provide additional information on why the task is in its current status. Substatuses are unique to your business and are set up by your site administrator.

User defined substatus settings are available for Quotes and Tasks.

After selecting the Main Status, click on the Substatus menu and select an appropriate option and then Save.

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