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The To Do List is a great way to create quick reminders on the go, for things that don't require a task to be created. It's also visible in Office.

  • To-Do Items are independent and not linked to any area in AroFlo, e.g. Tasks
  • To-Do Items can be assigned to other users
  • Entries are marked as completed by each user
  • To-Do Items are private. Only assigned users can see a To-Do item.
  • Incomplete To-Do items are flagged with a notification in the AroFlo header 

Use cases

  • Create quick reminders to write up a quote once you return to the office
  • You need to chat to another colleague about their availability for an upcoming job
  • Remind yourself to bring necessary equipment to the next job at hand.

Create a To-Do Item

To create a To-Do Item:

  1. Tap the  (list with tick) button in the AroFlo header
  2. Tap the (plus) button
  3. Give your item a Description
  4. (optional) Set a Due Date using the calendar picker

    • If you don't set a date, the To-Do Item will default to today's date.
    • If the due date is passed, the To-Do Item will be highlighted in red.
  5. (optional) Tap (magnifying glass) to assign the item to a user.

    • If you don't assign the item to a user, it will automatically be assigned to you
    • If you want to assign an item to yourself and others, be sure to add yourself as a user.
  6. Tap Create to save the item.

Complete a To-Do Item

To complete a To-Do Item:

  1. Tap the  (list with tick) button in the AroFlo header
  2. Tap the 'Completed' Checkbox beside the relevant item. The item will move into the completed view.

View Completed To-Do Items

  1. Tap the  (list with tick) button in the AroFlo header
  2. Tap the (filter) and select Completed. Completed items will be displayed.

Multiple assignees

If the To-Do item is assigned to multiple users, each assigned user will need to mark the item as completed.

Tap a To-Do item to view assigned users. Users that have completed a To-Do item appear in green. Users that have not completed a To-Do item appear in yellow.

Use the filter button to switch between all To-Dos and only ones assigned to you.

Manage To-Do Items

You can only edit and delete To-Do Items that you've created.

To edit a To-Do Item:

  1. Tap the relevant To-Do Item

  2. Make the relevant changes to the description and due date
  3. Save.

To delete a To-Do Item:

  1. Tap the(red rubbish bin) beside the relevant item

  2. A confirmation prompt will appear. Tap Yes.

You can also mark a completed item as active again by finding the item in the 'Completed' view and unticking the 'Completed' tickbox. The item will move back to the 'Open' status.

Overdue To-Do Items

Open To-Do Items that are overdue will display in red.