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To access the task sheet for the job, simply tap the task name (usually the address of the job) displayed in your task list. The task sheet is the central point where Field users can obtain all of the information that's needed to complete the job. Additional information is available for any field that displays an > on the right hand side.

Button / FieldDescription

Provides options to:

  • Turn this task into a quote.
  • Create a new quote for this client.
  • Create a new quote for this client and location.
  • Create a new task for this client.
  • Create a new task for this client and location.
PrintGenerate a PDF of the task sheet to send to a mobile printer.
EmailSend an email and include any attached documents/images, compliance forms, etc.
Task Timers

Managers, Supervisors (and those with permission  ) can use this to view active timers on the Task.

To see the active timers across all Tasks (and Overheads), use the Active Timers button found in Timesheets.

Jump ToShortcut menu allows you to jump to different sections on the task sheet. Options are: Refresh, Lab, Mat, Exp, Purchase Orders, Assets, Forms, Documents & Photos, Task Notes, Task Checklist, Manual Checklists, Save and Capture Signature.


Start a timer to record labour on this Task.
Task TypeThe type of task.
Job NoThis is the unique reference for this task.
Client NameContact, address details and notes for client.
Location Contact, address details and notes for the task location.
ContactDetails for the client contact for the task including any notes recorded against that contact.
AssetDetails and notes for the primary task asset (if linked).
Cust ONUsed for recording a customer or work order number (can be entered on site if required).
Entered ByName of person who created the task.
Lab Allows you to record your hours spent on this job today. Refer to Record Labour on a Task for more information.
Mat Allows you to record all materials used on this job. Refer to Record Materials on a Task for more information.
Exp Allows you to record any task related expenses. Refer to Record Expenses on a Task for more information.
QuotedIndicates that this task was quoted.
Purchase Orders (x)
View and create purchase orders for this task. The number in brackets indicates how many purchases orders are linked to this task.
Assets (x)Lists all assets linked to this task that require servicing. The number in brackets indicates how many assets are linked to this task.
Invoices (x)View and create invoices against this task. The number in brackets indicates how many invoices are linked to this task.
FormsProvides access to compliance checklists and forms for this task. Refer to Compliance Forms for more information.
Documents & PhotosView and/ or upload photos and documents to the task from your mobile device.

Linked Tasks (x)

Displays tasks that are linked to this one. The number in brackets indicates how many tasks are linked to this task.
Task Notes Add a task note to record general information about this job.
Assigned ToUser who is responsible for the task. You can assign as many resources as you need to.
Assign ToAssign the task to another resource (user or business unit). (Requires Supervisor or Management permission group)
ScheduledShows all of the current schedules for this task.
Add/Remove ScheduleAllows you to reschedule the task.
Task ChecklistMost tasks will have a checklist automatically assigned when the task is created. This serves as a checklist of steps required to properly complete the task.
Manual ChecklistOption to add an extra checklist to the task.
StatusSet the status of this job. Options are Not started, In Progress, Pending, Completed.
Save TaskAll changes must be saved. Once you tap Save Task, the information will be available to all users (in accordance with their access permissions) using the field or office interface.
Capture SignatureAllows you to capture a signature from your customer.
Invoice(Requires Site Invoice permission) Used to generate an invoice for the task.

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