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Suppliers are wholesalers you purchase goods from and raise purchase orders against.

Suppliers list

To view a list of your suppliers in AroFlo, go to Menu > Manage > Suppliers

Tap the supplier name to access the Supplier Card.

Create supplier

Suppliers can only be created in AroFlo Office.

Supplier quick actions

Tap the(three dots) next to a supplier to access the quick actions menu:

Supplier DetailsOpens the supplier card
Create Stock PO

Creates a stock purchase order using the selected supplier

LocationsView the location list for the selected supplier

To quickly find a supplier:

  1. Tap Search
  2. Type part of the name of the supplier you need
  3. Tap Search.


You can also filter the list by tapping the filter button :

Filter OptionDescription
AllResets the filter.
TypesFilters the list by supplier types.
Nearest (GPS)

Finds the closest supplier to your location.

This is a handy way to find the closest supplier if you urgently need materials.
Nearest (Address)Finds the closest supplier to an address you type in.

When using any of the two Nearest options, results will display from nearest supplier to furthest. Tap the info to open the corresponding location card, or tap the blue location pin to navigate there using your device's maps application.

Supplier Card

Supplier details can also be viewed from other areas, e.g. Purchase Orders.

From the supplier list, tap the name of a Supplier to display the Supplier Card. The main contact will be visible on the supplier header,  while everything else will be displayed into related tabs:

The Notes and More tabs will have a counter on them if there is information contained within them, e.g. if a note has been added.

The Supplier Overview gives you the supplier's details, such as phone numbers, address, email, website, transaction terms, and supplier type.

Transaction Terms

You may have a coloured banner  displaying at the top of the client card. See Transaction terms for more information.

Tap the phone numbers to easily call your supplier, using your device's default dialling application.

Tap the Open in New icon  (box with arrow) for:

  • Email to start composing an email using your device's default mail application
  • Website to navigate to the supplier's website using your phone's web browser

Tap the location pinfor Address to quickly navigate to the address using your default maps application.

View or create notes about the supplier. This may include any history with the supplier.

The More tab is in the form of a pop-up and it contains the supplier's Locations. The Locations icon will have a counter to indicate how many Locations there are for this supplier. Tap the icon to open the list of locations. Tap a location to view the location details, or tap the (three dots) to access the Location quick actions:

Location DetailsView the location details
Create Stock POCreate a stock purchase order for this supplier and location

Other options

Tap the arrow pointing left on the supplier header to return to your Supplier list.

The Create button  appears near the bottom right of the supplier worksheet on all tabs (except for the More tab). Tap this to create a Stock Purchase Order for this supplier.