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If some of your assets are made up of components that have their own servicing or maintenance requirements, you can use the Sub Assets feature. This allows you to have one main (parent) asset, and its components are linked to it as sub assets.


  • You might have the main asset as an air conditioner main unit and the sub assets might be the inside unit, outside unit, and the air filter
  • You can use a vehicle as the main asset and have a ladder, toolbox, and first-aid kit as sub assets
  • You may have a water heater as a main asset and the tempering valve, pressure limiting valve, and pressure relief valve as sub assets.

Using AroFlo's Sub Assets feature:

  • On asset cards, main assets will list the sub assets linked to them and sub assets will tell you the parent asset
  • Main assets together with their sub assets will display as a grouping, when added to a task.
  • Within the assets list, main assets will display with a to allow you to expand the grouping.

Create main asset

When creating your asset, on the asset card, tap Allow Sub Assets and then Create Asset to save.

If the asset has already been created:

  1. Go to your company  or client  assets list.

  2. Find the asset you want using the Categories, and/or Search and Filter options, if needed (see Assets List for more information)

  3. Tap the asset name > Asset Details to open the asset card

  4. Tap Allow Sub Assets
  5. Save.

The View / Add Sub Assets option is now enabled.

Link Sub Assets

  1. Underneath Allow Sub Assets, tap View / Add Sub Assets to open the sub assets list
  2. Tap (green plus button) > Create Sub Asset to create a new asset to link to this main asset

  3. Tap Create Asset to save

  4. Tap (back) to return to the sub assets list and create more sub assets if necessary.

Using AroFlo Office, you can search already existing assets to link as sub assets.

Link to main asset

On the asset card of sub assets, the option to View / Add Sub Assets will be replaced with an option to view the main asset.

  • Each sub asset will display the name of the asset, and if included on the asset card, the Order Code and Customer ID.
  • Tap the name of the sub asset to open the asset card
  • Tap the(three dots) to access the following options:


    Create New Task

    Create a new task with this asset included.

    TasksDisplays a list of open tasks which include this sub asset.
    ComplianceDisplays a list of all open compliance items which include this asset. See Add a client asset to a task - Asset Options.
    HistoryDisplays a history of tasks which include/included this asset as a linked asset.

Add assets with sub assets to a task

When adding assets with sub assets to a task, simply add a sub asset, and the main asset together with the sub asset will be included:

  1. Add a sub asset to the task (see Add assets to a task)
  2. Tap the button on the main asset to access the asset options
  3. Tap Actions > Add Sub Asset to display the sub assets for the main asset
  4. Select another sub asset from the list to add to the task
  5. Repeat this process as necessary.

Using AroFlo Office, you can pick and choose which sub assets to add to the task, or add all.

The main asset will display with the sub assets grouped underneath it. To collapse this grouping, tap Hide All Sub Assets on the main asset.

Use the Display Settings if you need to reorder sub assets.

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