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AroFlo's Field interface shows you your scheduled events (tasks, overheads, ad-hoc events) in either a Timeline or a Calendar format. 

  • Select from a day, week, month, or 4-day view
  • Filter by event type, to view only what you need
  • Search for events
  • Create a new task and schedule it.

The Schedule Timeline and Calendar features are not available in our old Field interface. To check out the new-look Field interface, tap the All Pages to New View  toggle at the bottom of the Field menu. You can switch back to the old interface if you want to by doing the same thing.

Access your schedule

From the Main Menu, tap Schedule.

You can choose either the Timeline view or the Calendar view by using the buttons at the top of the calendar.

You can also view the calendar from your Task List. Tap Schedule  at the bottom of the page.

Which view you see is determined by your Feature Access Settings. Please contact your Site Administrator if you want to change your default landing page.

Schedule timeline view

The Schedule Timeline view displays events that have been scheduled to you. This includes Tasks, Overheads and Ad-hoc events.

For tasks, quotes, and periodics, tap any of the event details, e.g. time, event name, or client name, to jump to the worksheet.

Tap the(eye icon) to the right of a listing to open an overview  of the event.

For tasks, quotes, and periodics, you'll have the option at the bottom of the overview to quickly access the worksheet.

Close the overview by tapping elsewhere on the screen.

Icons and label colours

The Task Type will be displayed on Tasks and Quotes and the label colour is determined by the calendar colours you've set for Task Types in Site Administration.

The Substatus will also be displayed on Tasks and Quotes and the label colour is determined by your Substatus colours set up in Site Administration.

Task Timer

If you've got a timer running on a task, the timer symbol will display  on the event.

IconEvent Type




Ad-hoc event


Navigating the Timeline

Use the right and left arrows at the top of the timeline view to move forward or back through the dates, or alternatively, use the date picker  (calendar icon) to quickly jump to a date.

Use the date range filter on the right to specify how many days you'd like to display events for.

Date range filter

AroFlo will remember your selection you've made here, even after logging out.

Using the date range filter will display multiple days' worth of events. Simply scroll down the list to view the next few days.

Options are:

  • 1 day
  • Next 3 days
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days

Schedule calendar view

In the Schedule Calendar view, you can see events that have been scheduled to you for the day, week, month, or for a four-day period.

To open a Task, Quote, or Periodic from the calendar, tap anywhere inside its listing. The Overview window  appears. At the bottom of this, tap View Task/Quote/Periodic to go to the corresponding worksheet. Task Overviews will also contain an option to start the job timer.

Icons and label colours

The Schedule Calendar view uses identical icons for event types as the Schedule Timeline view. The label colours are also displayed. The main difference is the row will also display as the same colour as that of the event type icon:

Task Timer

If you've got a timer running on a task, the timer symbol will display  on the event.

Change the calendar type

Tap the Day button to temporarily switch your calendar to another type. Choose from Day, Week, Month or a 4-day view.

The calendar will revert to the Day view the next time you open it.

It is not currently possible to change the background colour of the calendar, or to re-arrange events by clicking and dragging.

Assigned periodic tasks will appear in your schedule calendar (Week or Month views) if they are due within one week and are assigned to you.

Navigating the Calendar

Use the right and left arrows at the top of the calendar view to move forward or back through the dates.

When using the ...the calendar moves forward or back by...
Day viewone day
Week viewone week
Month viewone month
4 Days viewfour days, including weekend days.

You can quickly and easily return to today's date on the calendar by tapping Today.

 In the body of the calendar, you can scroll up and down through the times shown on the left.

Create a task

To create a new task from within the schedule timeline or calendar:

  1. Tap the (plus) icon in the lower right.
  2. Tap Create New Task.
  3. Proceed as described in Create a Task.

You can then schedule this task to yourself to have it appear on your calendar or scheduled task list.

Schedule filters and search

Filter events

To filter the resources or event types (from the schedule calendar or timeline):

  1. Tap the (filter) icon.
  2. Tap the (pencil) icon beside Filter by event type or Filter by resource
  3. Select or deselect the event types or resources you need.
  4. Tap Update. Your view will update automatically.

These filters are temporary. The next time you open your schedule, default resources and event types will be showing.

Search tasks

To search for tasks from the schedule calendar or timeline:

  1. Tap the  (magnifier) icon in the top right.
  2. Select a search term, e.g. task name, job number, or client, using the Term dropdown
  3. Enter a keyword (minimum 3 characters).
  4. Tap Search

AroFlo will display all tasks that match the search term, not just scheduled tasks.

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