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Expenses incurred on a job are recorded via the Expenses button on the Task screen. Expense items can be recorded as a standard expense on the job, or a timesheet expense which is reimbursable to an employee.

Any user can view their own timesheets and enter their own expenses. Users in the Supervisor and Management permission group can also view timesheets for other users and enter expenses on their behalf.

For custom permission groups, Site Administrators can set visibility via. Permission Groups > Users > Filters > Current User and Permission Groups > Timesheets > Fields > Users > View.

Standard Expense

  1. Open a Task
  2. Tap  (Exp $0.00 button)
  3. Enter Expense name or description
  4. Enter Total Inc. value

    The Cost Ex value will back calculate based on the selected Tax code. You can select a different tax code if required.

    Admin users have the option to enter an estimated Sell Ex value that may be included on the invoice.

  5. Confirm or change the date of the expense

  6. Save



Timesheet Expense

  1. Follow steps 1 - 2 as above
  2. Click Add Timesheet Expense
  3. Select a Timesheet Expense from the drop down list

    This list of timesheet expense is configured by your Site Administrator. See Site Admin - Overheads for more information.

  4. Enter a Note (optional)
  5. Enter the quantity (Qty) of items
  6. Confirm or change the date the expense was incurred
  7. Save

    Additional fields available to Admin users only

    If you're a Management user, you will see additional fields that allow you to enter a Total Cost Inc. value, i.e. total receipt value. The Cost Ex value will back calculate based on the selected Tax code.

    Management users also have the option to enter an estimated Sell Rate and/or Sell Ex value for invoicing purposes.


Upload documents / photos to expenses

All expenses that have been entered against the task are listed underneath the expense entry form.

You can upload supporting documentation such as a photo of a receipt to the expense at any time.

  1. Click Options on the expense
  2. Click Documents & Photos
  3. Choose Upload... to upload a file from your device, or Take Photo
  4. Save


Delete existing expense entries

Users in the Worker permission group can only delete expense that they have entered, while Management users can delete all expenses.

To delete an expense, tap (red minus icon ).


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