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AroFlo provides a quote builder in the Field interface that allows you to create simple quotes.

For more detailed information about quotes, please refer to Quotes in the documentation for the Office interface.

View a quote

To view or edit a quote in AroFlo Field:

  1. Open the main menu and tap Quotes.
  2. Select the quote you would like to view.

To view Quotes in other statuses, see here.

Quotes List

Search quotes

If you know some of the details of the quote, you can search for it:

  1. Tap the search button 
  2. Use the dropdown to select what you want to use to search for:

     Searchable filters
    • Quote Name
    • Reference Number
    • Job Number
    • Client
    • Description
  3. Type in the Keywords field
  4. Search.

You can search for quotes in any status.

Quotes matching your search terms will be displayed. In addition, the search results will tell you what it has searched for, i.e. the keyword and search term, as well as the quote status it has searched within.

Create a quote

To create a new quote in AroFlo Field:

  1. In the main menu, tap Quotes.
  2. Tap the green plus button towards the bottom right 
  3. Complete the fields by tapping either the (magnifier icon) to search, or the (add icon) to add a Client and (as needed) Location.
  4. Select a Task Type.
  5. When you've completed all the fields, tap Create > OK.

Edit quote details

The quote then opens in edit mode so you can add items and checklists to it, record the client's approval or rejection of the quote, or change any of the details you entered earlier.

The layout of the quote from here is much the same as that of the Task Worksheet, including the Task Tabs.

To add items to the quote, tap the Items Total tab  and then click View & Edit Quote Items.

If you want to use tax-inclusive pricing on your quote, check the Tax Rate Included box.

Simple Quotes only

You can only add items to a simple quote. Click here to learn more about simple vs detailed quotes.

Add items

You can add items using any of these methods:

Search for an item using its name or item number.

Tap Adhoc and type the item details into the fields.

Use this for items not in your inventory.

Search the entire inventory list using the Std Mat button.

Locate a Task List, Price Book or SOR list for the task.

Directly access your preferred online Supplier Catalogue.

Tap Save when you've made all your changes.

Tap < Quote to return to the quote overview.

Sending the quote to your client

For instructions on emailing or printing your quote from AroFlo Field, see Emailing and Printing.

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