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AroFlo provides a quote builder in AroFlo Field that allows you to create simple quotes.

Access your quotes within AroFlo Field from:

  • the Quotes List (Menu > Quotes)
  • or from a task with a quote attached to it  (More tab on a task > tap Quote ($dollar value).

Quote Tabs

The quote worksheet is broken up into five tabs:

The Notes and More tabs will have a counter on them if there is information contained within them, e.g. if a note or document has been added.

The Overview tab gives you the main details of the quote, such as client name, location, task type, requested date, Reported By contact, and Estimator name.


Tap the:

  • Open in New icon (box with arrow) in the Client section to open the client card.
  • Map marker symbolin the Location section to open the location card.
  • Phone numbers (if applicable) (mobile) or  (landline)  to easily dial the Reported By contact.
Asset Information

If the quote was created from an asset, the asset name  will be displayed here as well, along with further options (three dots):

  • Asset Details - View the asset card
  • Asset History - Displays a history of tasks and quotes  which include/included this asset as a linked asset.


Record any quotation time via the the Hours button. Quotation time is time incurred in the actual creation of the quote, e.g. the time it took to create the quote. Entries recorded here will carry across to the task as Labour entries once the quote is approved. See more below - Record Labour on a Quote.

Print Layout

Edit the quote layout for this quote. Remember to Save if editing.

Saving Invoice Layouts

The Layout field displays the Default Print Layout. If you change the Layout and save the quote, AroFlo will remember the selection if you need it again in the future. The default will also display, just in case you need it.


Scroll down on the quote to access the description types.

Description Templates

Description Templates can be used for any of these description types.
Type of descriptionDescription
Task DescriptionThe overall description of the job which is entered when the quote is created. The description carries across to the task once the quote is approved to become the task description. Click Edit if you need to edit this.
Quote Description

Used for outlining the scope of the work being quoted and is usually longer than the Task Description.

This field is ideal when you have a large amount of information to include on the quote, but it may not be as relevant once the task is created.

Click Add to add a quote description.


Click Add to list any exclusions that form part of the quote. Exclusions are things that are not included for the scope of works. Recording your exclusions in this field is useful if you want to later include this information on a layout.

Tap the Checklists tab to access checklists specific to quotes. To the right is an example.

Checklists can:

  • serve as a reminder of the steps required to complete a quote
  • automatically start or stop the job timer.

Checklists are set up in Site Administration. See Checklist Templates.

Click the  (expand icon) beside a checklist item to display additional options.

The 1 in brackets indicates information is contained within one of those additional options.

See more on Checklists

The Items Total tab gives you the overall totals of the quote and is designed for your customer to capture a signature on this screen. To view more information, such as labour hours, cost of materials, and overall markup, tap Details. See Edit a Quote - Items Total for more information.

Tap View & Edit Quote Items to add items to your quote. See Quote Items for more information.

Record general information about this quote or job and/or view existing notes.

Read more on notes.

All other applicable aspects related to the quote appear in the More tab, in the form of a pop-up. Certain options will have a counter on them to indicate that information is contained within them.

Documents & PhotosView and/or upload photos and documents to the quote from your mobile device.
Linked TasksDisplays tasks that are linked to the quote.
Task Timers

Managers, Supervisors, and those with permission  can use this to view active timers on the Quote.

To see the active timers across all Quotes, Tasks (and Overheads), use the Active Timers button found in Timesheets.

Print PDFGenerate a PDF of the quote sheet to send to a mobile printer. See Emailing and Printing.
EmailSend an email and include any attached documents/images, etc. See Emailing and Printing.

Other options

These options appear on most of the five tabs available to you:

The quote header is available on every tab and tells you the Quote Identification and reference number. Also included is the the quote status.

Return to Quotes List

Tap < to return to the Quotes List.

The status of the quote also appears on the quote header. The statuses are colour coded and contain the substatus,  if applicable. Tap it to change the status. Options are In Progress, Pending Approval, Approved, and Rejected.

In ProgressQuote is currently being worked on
Pending ApprovalQuote is pending approval from client/internal approval
ApprovedQuote has been approved by client/has been approved internally
RejectedClient has decided not to go ahead with quote

Read more about substatuses.

Read more about quote statuses, including workflows for the approval process.

Allows you to capture a signature from your customer. This is available on all tabs except More.

You can only capture a signature when your Quote is in the In Progress and Pending Approval status.

Tap Save to save your quote. Once you save, the information will be available to all users (in accordance with their access permissions) using AroFlo Field or Office. This is available on all tabs except More.

Record Labour on a Quote

Tap the Hours button in the Overview to record labour entries for time spent producing the quote, e.g. time taken for an inspection of the work to be carried out. If the quote is approved, these entries will carry across to the task. Alternatively, these entries can be added to an invoice, if applicable.

Labour entries are recorded in much the same way as on a task. Read more here.


Checklist items can also contain a shortcut to create a labour entry. See Record a new labour entry - Using a checklist item.

Task Timer

Alternatively, you can also use the Task Timer to record a labour entry. This is available from the top of the quote as well as within the Hours  section.

The Task Timer works in the same way as on a task. Read more here.


Checklist items can be set up to automatically start or stop the labour timer. Read more here.