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Viewing Quotes in other statuses

The default status when viewing quotes is 'In Progress'. To view quotes in other statuses (e.g. Approved or Pending Approval) in AroFlo Field:

  1. Open the main menu and tap Quotes
  2. Tap the Filter By button 
  3. Select the status you want to open and Apply
  4. Select the quote you would like to view.

List of Quote statuses:

In ProgressQuote is currently being worked on
Pending ApprovalQuote is pending approval from client/internal approval
ApprovedQuote has been approved by client/has been approved internally
RejectedClient has decided not to go ahead with quote

Updating status and substatus

When viewing a quote, updating the quote status and/or substatus is done in exactly the same way that you do for tasks; the only difference is that the statuses will have different names. See above for descriptions of the four statuses.

Acceptance Status for Approved Quotes

If you're using Acceptance Statuses, when approving a quote, you'll have the option to select this.

You can leave this blank if you're not using acceptance statuses.

For the 'Not Sent' and 'Awaiting Decision' statuses, you'll have the option of entering an Acceptance Expiry using the date and time picker. All other statuses will display these fields but they will be read only.

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