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The Purchase Orders page lists all of the Stock and Task purchase orders you have access to. You can also create more purchase orders as needed, either from this page as a stock order, or directly from a task as a task purchase order.

Access Purchase Orders via the main menu > Purchase Orders.

Stock Purchase Orders

The default view for the Purchase Orders page is the list of Stock purchase orders that are in progress.

Sorting the list

Sort the list by tapping on (double arrow) to sort by order number or supplier name  (ascending or descending).

Purchase orders with both task and stock items will appear in both the Stock and Task purchase order list.

Task Purchase Orders

To view the list of purchase orders raised against tasks:

  1. Tap the Filter By  option

  2. Tap Task PO > Apply.
  3. Tap on a Purchase Order to open.

View Task(s)

Tap the (briefcase) to view the corresponding tasks for that order.

From there, tap the (down arrow) to view the task details  and open the task from there.

Searching and Filtering

Use the (magnifying glass) to search purchase orders. You can either search by Order Number or Supplier.

As well as switching between Stock and Task purchase orders, use the Filter By option to filter by approval status. Tap an approval status, e.g. Pending Approval orders, and tap Apply.

If filtering by All, purchase orders will display with a status label.

Both the Search and Filter By options are available from the Stock Orders and Task Orders list.

Create Stock Purchase Order

From the Stock Purchase Order list, tap the (green plus button) to create a new purchase order for stock.

Items recorded on a stock order will not be added to any tasks and are used to replenish stock levels.

Task Purchase Order

To create a purchase order for a task (e.g. to order materials for a particular task), raise the purchase order from the task via the Items or More tab. See Tasks - Task Tabs.

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