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The Purchase Orders page lists all of the Stock and Task POs the user has access to. The user can also create more POs as needed, either from this page as a stock order, or directly from a task.

What can I see?

The PO list shows all of the Current orders and is filtered based on the user's "Purchase Order Access" setting in the Site Admin area.

Stock PO

The default view for the Purchase Orders page is the list of Stock POs.

Sorting the list.

You can sort this list by clicking on S:Order No or S:Supplier to sort by order number or supplier name.

Task PO

Click on the Task PO button to view the list of POs raised against tasks.

The search option opens a section to allow you to search by either Order No or Supplier name.


Enter your search criteria and click Search.

Create Order

Click the Create Order button to create a Stock Order. Items recorded on a stock order will not be added to any tasks and are used to replenish stock levels for the user.

Follow the process for creating a Task Order.

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