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View your Projects in AroFlo Field and track their progress.

You can view a lot of project information in AroFlo Field and also create tasks against project stages, however, things like creating project stages and editing the project status can only be done using AroFlo Office.

Tap Menu   (three bars icon) > Projects  (circle with three dots) to get started.

Project List

From here, your Open projects will display. Each entry will display the project name, client name, project number, reference number, and customer order number.

You can view overviews about each project from the project list. Alternatively, tap on a project to open the project worksheet.

To view projects in other statuses, use the filter  (funnel icon) to switch between Open, Closed, or All.

Alternatively, you can use the search option  (magnifying glass) to search by keyword.


Tap the  (project stages icon) to see overviews of the tasks and stages.

The Tasks tab is the first tab that will be displayed. Here you can view all tasks attached to the project.

Tap the chevron to expand the section and view more information on the task. Tap it again to collapse the section.

Tap the Open in New icon  (box with arrow) to open the task.

Tap the Stages tab to view the relevant stages of the project. Each stage will display the stage name as well as its substatus, if applicable.

Switching tabs

If you switch to the Stages tab and exit the Overview section, the Stages tab will display first instead of the Task tab, until you exit the Projects section and return.

Just like the Task tab, tap the chevronto expand the section and view the tasks associated with that stage. Tap it again to collapse the section.

Tap the Open in New icon  (box with arrow) next to a task to open the selected task, or, tap it next to Create a Task to create a task allocated to that stage.

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