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Locations are used when the work site location is different to the client's office location. For example, your client might be a real estate agent and the work location could be at one of their rental properties. Suppliers can also have multiple locations.

View a list of locations

To view a list of locations:

  • For a client, go to Menu > Manage  > Clients > tap the options button beside a client> Locations.
  • For a supplier, go to Menu > Manage > Suppliers   > tap the options button beside a supplier> Locations.

Alternatively, go to the More tab> Locations if on a client or supplier card.

Tap on a location to open the location card (see below).

Location quick actions

Tap the(three dots) beside a location to access the Location quick actions:

For Clients
Location DetailsOpen the location card (see below)
Create New TaskCreate a task using this client and location
TasksView all open tasks for this location
AssetsView assets belonging to this client
For Suppliers
Location DetailsOpen the location card (see below)
Create Stock POCreate a stock purchase order using this supplier and location

Use the search option to search for a location belonging to the selected client or supplier. Use the location name, address, or suburb to search.

Use the Filter By All option to show all locations in the list again, after you've finished searching.

Tap the green plus button to create a new location for the selected client or supplier (see below).

Create a location

To create locations in AroFlo Field, you will need to have the feature access option 'Allow Create Clients' enabled on your user card. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance.

  1. From a Location list, tap the green plus button > Create Location.
  2. On the Create Location screen, enter the Location/Address details.

    If you have GPS enabled on your device, tap the (compass icon) and AroFlo will attempt to enter the address and coordinates of your current GPS location.

  3. If you've manually entered the Location/Address, tap Find GPS Location to update the GPS coordinates for this address.

    GPS co-ordinates will help you navigate to the site. If you're on a large property and want to pin your exact location, tap Use My Current Location to set the map pin where you are standing.

    You can also update co-ordinates manually by dragging the Google Maps pin.

  4. Enter the Site Contact details.

  5. Tap Create.

Location Card

Location details can also be viewed from other areas including the Task worksheet.

Tap a Location from the Location list to open the location card.

The location card displays information about the site including contact details and navigation options. Learn about these below.


Return to the list of Locations for this Client / Supplier

Edit any details for this location.

You can also move this location to another client, for example, when a property is sold to another agent.

Tap to enter the map in full screen

Found on the bottom right of the map is the Show Route button.

This will display a route from your current position to the location. It includes total distance and estimated travel time.

  • Navigate to the location with . This will open the default navigation app on your device.
  • Know what the site looks like before you get there. See street-level imagery from the past by dragging the Pegman onto the map (this service is provided by Google - learn more)

The bottom half of the screen will display details of the location including the associated:

  • Client (tap to view the client card)
  • Address (tap to activate your device's map app)
  • Site Contact

    Site Contact buttons

    You can also quickly call or email the site contact using the buttons found  under the Site Contact heading.

Allows you to view Tasks or Assets associated with this location.

Allows you to create a new Task or Quote for this location.

View or create notes about the location. This may include instructions on how to access the site.


A counter will display on the tab to indicate how many notes have been attached.

View any documents and photos uploaded against this location. This may include site drawings or schematics. Tap any file to open it in a new tab.


A counter will display on the tab to indicate how many documents and photos have been attached.

Tap Add documents  to upload documents and photos to this location.

Shows all tasks associated with this location.

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