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AroFlo allows you to raise task invoices on the go using AroFlo Field.

To open a final invoice for a task:

  1. Navigate to your task list (Menu > Tasks)
  2. Use the Filter By option and selected Closed tasks
  3. Select a task which has a label of Invoiced

Alternatively, to access a list of created invoices for a task:

  1. Tap the More tab on a task

  2. Tap Invoices

    If invoices have already been raised for the task, a counter displays on the Invoices button, telling you how many.

  3. Tap the invoice you wish to view from there.

Invoice Tabs

The Invoice worksheet is broken up into five tabs:

The Notes tab will have a counter on it if notes have been added to the invoice.

The information contained in the Invoice overview is dependant on the information present on the task worksheet and also the client card for this task.


Task information including the Task name, Job number, and Reference Number.

Tap the (box with arrow) to open the task.

Task Type The type of task.

Client name.

Tap the (box with arrow) to open the client card.


This field is used when the work site location is different from the client's office location.

Tap the(pin) to open the location card.

TermsThe transaction terms for this client.


Appears if the task was created from an asset.

Tap the(three dots) to access further options:

  • Asset Details - View the asset card
  • Asset History - Displays a history of tasks and quotes  which include/included this asset as a linked asset.

Customer Order NumberUsed for recording a customer or work order number (can be entered on site if required).
CompletedThe date the task was completed.
DescriptionThe invoice description is pre-filled with the task name and task description. Edit as required, or tap Description to use a description template.
Invoice Style

Choose your invoice style. The Invoice Style controls how much information is shown on the Invoice Worksheet and is available to the custom print layout.

Part Invoices

Part invoices are displayed in Detailed invoice style only. 

Print Layout

Edit the invoice layout for this invoice. Remember to Save if editing.

Saving Invoice Layouts

The Layout field displays the Default Print Layout. If you change the Layout and Save the invoice, AroFlo will remember the selection if you need it again in the future. The default will also display, just in case you need it.

 See how this works in AroFlo Office.

Add/View PaymentsTap to record an invoice payment. See Field Payments.
Applied to DateThe value of payments applied.
Balance Due

The current balance due.

This also appears on the invoice header.

Customer Invoiced  Tick this to indicate that the customer has received a copy of this invoice.
Payment ReceivedTick this to indicate that you have taken payment for this invoice.

The Items Total tab is where you manage the costs applied to the invoice.

If raising a final invoice, the items from the Task Worksheet will automatically be added to the Invoice Worksheet, provided the task:

If this is not the case, you will have a $0 total and you will need to add items to your invoice via the additional options that appear. See Create an Invoice for more information.

Tap View / Edit Invoice Items to view, edit, or add invoice items.

Read more on adding items to an Invoice

Record general information about this invoice or job and/or view existing notes.

Read more on notes.

The More tab is in the form of a pop-up.

Use this to:

Print PDFGenerate a PDF of the invoice sheet to send to a mobile printer. See Emailing and Printing.
EmailSend an email of the invoice. See Emailing and Printing.
Delete InvoiceDelete the invoice from the task (unavailable if the Invoice status has been set to Approved).

Other options

These options appear on most of the five tabs available to you:

The invoice header is available on every tab and tells you the invoice number as well as the current balance due. Also included is the Invoice status.

Return to Task Invoice List

Tap < to return to the list of invoices for this task.

The status of the invoice also appears on the invoice header. The statuses are colour coded.

Tap it to change the status. Options are In Progress, Pending Approval, and Approved.

In ProgressThe default status for all new invoices. You can add to or alter the invoice while it's in this status.
Pending ApprovalAn optional status that allows for complex workflows (e.g. internal approval). You can add to or alter the invoice while it's in this status.

Invoice has been sent to the client. You can no longer add to or alter the invoice once it has this status. If you need to make changes, set the status back to In Progress or Pending Approval, and Save.

An invoice must be set to Approved before it can be pushed across to your accounting package.

For Final Invoices, changing the status to Pending Approval or Approved will mean the task will no longer be visible in your Completed Task list.

Allows you to capture a signature from your customer. This is available on all tabs except More.

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