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AroFlo allows your clients to pay on the spot using a range of payment options, including online payment gateways which your Site Administrator can set up. When AroFlo is connected to a payment gateway, it effectively turns any mobile device into a fast, secure, and convenient card processor. 

For your regular clients, AroFlo lets you store payment types, saving both you and your clients time with each payment they make.

Field invoicing

Invoicing in AroFlo Field is an optional feature that requires additional permissions to be enabled for individual users. Contact your Site Administrator for assistance.

Add a payment

  1. From the invoice, scroll down to the Payments section
  2. Tap Add/View Payments
  3. Tap Add Payment
  4. Select a Payment Method:

  5. Adjust the auto-filled Amount (current balance due) if required.

  6. Enter notes (optional).
  7. Tap Save.

Edit payment details

All payments recorded against the invoice are listed on the Invoice Payments screen.

To view or edit payment details, tap the (pencil icon) beside the payment you want to alter. Make your changes and tap Save.

View payment gateway receipt

When a credit card transaction has been processed, you will see 'Successful Purchase' at the top of the screen. Failed transactions will show 'Unable to process the purchase transaction' and you will need to correct the details before trying again.

To view the payment gateway receipt, tap the (pencil icon) on the payment record.

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