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AroFlo Field allows you to create and send invoices for completed jobs directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Enable Field Invoicing

The invoicing function in AroFlo Field is disabled by default. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance. For more information, see Invoice Settings.

To invoice a completed job:

  1. Tap Menu (top left corner) and select Tasks.
  2. Tap the Filter By  button and select Closed.


    You can also use the Search in conjunction with the filter.

  3. Select a 'Completed' task from the list.

    Confirm all costs have been recorded on the job. To add or edit labour, materials or expenses, scroll down and tap Re-activate.

  4. Scroll down and tap Create Invoice.
  5. The Description is pre-filled with the task name and task description. Edit as required.

    Description Templates

    Description templates can be set up by a Site Administrator, or created on the fly by Admin users in AroFlo Office. Instead of manually entering information on a small device, Field users can select a number of descriptions (one at a time) to build up a detailed description. For more information, see Description Templates.

  6. Add any notes relating to this invoice for future reference (optional).
  7. In the Details section, tap View / Edit Invoice Items.

    Schedule of Rates (SOR) materials are used in flat-rate or price-book pricing situations. Often the sell price of the SOR item includes all labour and materials used for the entire job.

    If SOR items have been booked on the job, you will be given the option to either 'Add SOR items from Jobsheet' or 'Add items from Jobsheet'

    If the job was quoted in AroFlo, you can choose to 'Add items from Quote' or 'Add items from Jobsheet'.

    To include tax in your pricing, check the Tax Inc. checkbox.

  8. Confirm invoice items are correct. Tap the item to view or edit details.

    Any changes made to invoice items will not affect the actual costs booked on the job.

    You can add items to an invoice by any of the following methods:

    • Type the item details in to the Add ad-hoc material fields
    • Search the entire inventory list using the Std Mat button
    • Locate a Task List, Price Book or SOR list for the task
    • Search for an item using its name or item number (via either Std Mat or Task Lists)
    • Select items from the Quote (if applicable)
    • Select items booked on the Task
    • Directly access your preferred online Supplier Catalogue.

  9. Save any changes.

  10. Tap < Invoice (top left corner) to return to the Invoice Worksheet. 
  11. Capture a signature if required (optional).
  12. Email the invoice to the customer.

  13. Record any payments received.

    Finalise button

    If you tap 'Finalise' on the invoice, the invoice will no longer be accessible from AroFlo Field. The invoice is moved to the 'Pending' invoices list for posting to an accounting package via AroFlo Office. If you need to return to the invoice at a later stage, do not finalise the invoice.

Create Invoice (step 4)

View / Edit Invoice Items (step 7)

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