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AroFlo Field features an integrated email interface that allows you to:

  • Email jobsheets, invoices, purchase orders and compliance forms from your mobile device
  • Use your own email templates for messages you send often
  • Track the delivery status of emails sent and auto-import replies to task notes.

Email settings

Email default settings are configured in Site Admin (global settings) or on the Client / Supplier card (client/supplier specific settings). These settings can be modified on individual emails if required. For more information, see Print and Email Layout Defaults.

You can also print documents from within AroFlo Field.

Email a document

To email a document from AroFlo Field:

  1. Open the record, e.g. a quote, task, purchase order.
  2. Tap More (bottom of screen) > Email.
  3. In the To: section, tap Select Contact and select a name from the list. Alternatively, you can enter an email address into the text field.
  4. To add CC/BCC, tap Show CC & BCC and select or enter contact email addresses.
  5. Edit the Subject and Body as needed. Alternatively, tap Select Template to use one of your company's own email templates.

  6. In the Attachments section, tap the relevant checkbox to generate the attachment.

    You can select a different document layout by clicking Change Layout and making a selection from the dropdown list.

    Any documents or photos that have been uploaded to the task will also be available for selection.

  7. Tap Send Email.

Print a document

To print a document from AroFlo Field:

  1. Open the record, e.g. a quote, task, purchase order, or invoice.
  2. Tap the More tab > Print PDF
  3. Tap Generate PDF to generate a PDF of the file, e.g. Jobsheet PDF. Once generated, tap it again to preview.

    • For Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders, you'll have the option to print the Jobsheet
    • If the task contains compliance items and/or purchase orders, you'll have the option to attach these as well. See below.

    Use the dropdown in the Change Layout section to preview other document layouts. Regenerate the file if you need to.

  4. Tap the printer icon when previewing to select your printer and print the file.

Print a compliance form or Purchase Order

To print a compliance form or purchase order that has been saved against a task:

  1. Open the relevant item (task, quote, etc)
  2. Tap the More tab > Print PDF
  3. Tap the relevant section (Compliance Items or Purchase Orders).
  4. Follow steps 3 - 5 from Print a document.

Alternatively, if you're in the Forms area of the task (More > Forms), go to the Task Forms tab > Print to access the Print PDF area.