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Uploading documents and photos can be useful when you need to provide photos of completed work or upload documents relevant to the job.

You can add documents and photos in several areas in AroFlo Field, including a task, checklist item, client card, and location.

See below for a few of these areas.

View documents and photos

Go to the area you want to view already existing documents and/or photos:

AroFlo's Document Directory is a repository for documents and photos that you need to use regularly, e.g. terms and conditions, pricing schedules, info sheets, product photos.

To access the Document Directory in Field, tap Main Menu > Manage > Documents

  1. Main Menu > Tasks and tap to open the task you need
  2. Tap the More tab > Documents & Photos

Your business may have custom fields to upload and view documents. These appear in the Task Overview tab.

This custom field is not available in the old view.

  1. Main Menu > Tasks and tap to open the task you need
  2. Tap the Overview tab and look for custom fields with Add / View Documents & Photos (counter).

  1. Main Menu > Quotes and tap to open the quote you need
  2. Tap the More tab > Documents & Photos

  1. Open a Task or Quote containing a checklist
  2. Tap the Checklists tab > Options button on a checklist item > View Documents & Photos

  1. Main Menu > Projects and tap to open the project you need
  2. Tap the More tab > Project Documents

  1. Main Menu > Purchase Orders and tap the order you need, OR open a task and tap Items > Purchase Orders > Search or Create Order
  2. Tap Documents & Photos.

  1. Main Menu > ManageClients and tap the client you need
  2. tap Client Details to open the client card
  3. Tap the More tab > Documents & Photos

  1. Main Menu > Manage > Users and tap to open the user card you need
  2. Tap the More tab > Documents & Photos

  1. Go to the relevant asset list:
    1. Menu > Manage > Assets to view your company's assets, or
    2. Menu > Manage > Clients > (select Client) > Assets to view assets for a specific client
  2. Locate the relevant asset
  3. Tap the asset > Documents & Photos, OR tap Asset Details to open the asset card > tap the More tab > Documents & Photos.

  1. Add material to a task or quote
  2. Locate the relevant inventory item
  3. Tap the inventory item> Documents & Photos.

  1. Main Menu > ManageClients/Suppliers and tap the client/supplier you need
  2. Tap Locations
  3. Select the location you want to add documents to
  4. Tap Documents

  1. Main Menu > Tasks and tap to open the task you need
  2. Tap the More tab > Forms
    1. Task Forms > [Select form], for already existing forms, or
    2. Add a form to the task
  3. More tab > Upload Docs & Photos.

Custom Forms can also contain Documents & Photos fields.  Tap Add Documents or Photos to get to the upload options.

Adding documents or photos

  1. Go to the area you want to add a photo or document to (see View documents and photos, above)

    Adding files to Projects and the Document Directory

    Documents and Photos for Projects and the Document Directory can only be uploaded using AroFlo Office.

  2. On the next screen you will be presented with two options:

    • Option 1: Tap Upload if the file or photo already exists on your phone.
    • Option 2: Tap Take Photo if the file or photo does not yet exist on your phone.

      Document Folders

      If dealing with a Task or Quote with document folders, you may want to select a folder before you upload or take a photo. See Document Folders, below.

Option 1: Upload a document or photo

  1.  After tapping Upload, select the action (where you want to upload the file from)

    The available upload actions are dependent on your phone manufacturer.

  2. Locate and select the file you want to upload.
  3. Save.

Your document or photo will be saved to the task:

Option 2: Taking a photo

  1. Tap Take Photo

    The available camera actions are dependent on your phone manufacturer and you may need to select your camera application.

  2. Take the photo. After capturing, two options appear: Retry or OK.
  3. Tap OK to upload your photo to the task or client card.
  4. Save.

The name given to the file is dependent on your phone manufacturer.

To change the name of a photo, either:

  • save it to your camera roll and rename it before uploading it to AroFlo, or
  • use the rename function (see below).

Document Folders

The Document Directory, Tasks, Quotes, and Projects have the additional option of displaying Document folders

Document folders can only be created using AroFlo Office.

When you enter the Documents and Photos section, documents and photos in 'All Folders' will automatically be shown and the name of the folder will be listed alongside each item.

To view a particular folder, tap Folders to open the folder structure  and select from the list. From there you can upload to that particular folder.

If you don't select a folder when uploading, your photo or document will be added to 'All Folders' and show as 'Root Folder' in the list.

Project Documents and Photos

To display the folder structure for Project Documents, use the Filter By option and select Project OnlyShow me

Manage the document or photo

Once you've added the document or photo, tap the:

  • image thumbnail (for photos), to preview the image and scroll through to other photos if applicable. Tap the (blue box with arrow) to view the photo in full size.
  • file icon (for files) to view the file, e.g. PDF or Word document.
  • (pencil icon for Tasks and Quotes) or file name or down arrow for everywhere else, to update the file details, including renaming, deleting, adding a comment, or setting a filter to determine who can view the document.

Remember to Save your changes.

Projects and the Document Directory

Project documents and the Document Directory are Read-Only so you won't have the full options available to you. You can, however, tap the(eye icon) to view the file details.


Rename the document or photo.

File extension

Although the file extension (e.g. jpg) will be visible, it is read only and cannot be edited.

CommentAdd or edit a comment to be listed with the document or photo. These comments can be referenced if the photos are added to layouts, including quotes and invoices.

Access Visibility restricts who can view the document. The available options are:

  • Internal Only - visible only to internal staff who can access the task or client card.
  • Internal Admin Only - visible only to internal staff with Admin User Rights who can access the task or client card.
  • Show Client - also visible to the client from their login.
  • Show Contractor - also visible to the subcontractor from their login.
  • Show All - visible to anyone who can access the task.
CreatedThe date and time when the document or photo was uploaded.
Uploaded ByWho uploaded the document or photo.
Original Document / ImageOpen the original document or photo in full size, in a new tab.

Deletes the document or photo.

Changing the default document or photo

For inventory items and assets with multiple images attached to them, you can change the thumbnail that displays next to the item when viewing it from a list:

  1. Select the item from the list

  2. Select Documents & Photos
  3. Select the photo to be used as the default and select Default Document
  4. Save

The file will have a green tick  next to the default document.

When viewing the list again, the thumbnail will have changed. If there are multiple documents and photos attached, a counter will display to let you know how many are attached.

Tap the thumbnail to preview the photo or document and cycle through them if there are multiple.

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