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AroFlo Field allows you to create and send invoices for jobs directly from your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Final Invoices - Final Invoices can only be raised on completed tasks
  • Part Invoices - Part Invoices can only be raised on tasks that are still in progress.

Enable Field Invoicing

The invoicing function in AroFlo Field is disabled by default. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance. For more information, see Invoice Settings.

Create a Final Invoice

To invoice a completed task:

  1. Tap Menu (top left corner) and select Tasks.
  2. Tap the Filter By   button and select Closed.


    You can also use the Search in conjunction with the filter.

  3. Select a Completed task from the list.

    Completed versus Invoiced

    • Tasks that have already been invoiced will display this within a label.

    • Opening an Invoiced task will automatically bring up the task invoice.
  4. Confirm all costs have been recorded on the job.

    Add job costs

    To add or edit labour, materials or expenses, tap Re-activate (see image).

  5. Scroll down and tap Create Invoice.
  6. The Description is pre-filled with the task name and task description. Edit as required, or tap Description to use a description template.

    Description Templates

    Description templates can be set up by a Site Administrator, or created on the fly by Admin users in AroFlo Office. Instead of manually entering information on a small device, Field users can select a number of descriptions (one at a time) to build up a detailed description. For more information, see Description Templates.

  7. Tap the Notes tab to add any notes relating to this invoice for future reference (optional).
  8. Tap the Items Total tab > View / Edit Invoice Items.

    For a final invoice, the items from the Task Worksheet will automatically be added to the Invoice Worksheet, provided the task:

    If any of these points apply to your task, you will have a $0 total and you will need to add items to your invoice. See the below information.

    Schedule of Rates (SOR) materials are used in flat-rate or price-book pricing situations. Often the sell price of the SOR item includes all labour and materials used for the entire job.

    If SOR items have been booked on the job, you will be given the option to either 'Add SOR items from Jobsheet' or 'Add items from Jobsheet'

    If the job was quoted in AroFlo, you can choose to 'Add items from Quote' or 'Add items from Jobsheet'.

    To include tax in your pricing, check the Tax Inc. checkbox.

  9. Confirm invoice items are correct. Tap an item to view or edit details.

    • Any changes made to invoice items will not affect the actual costs booked on the job.
    • See Add items to an Invoice for more information on adding items.
  10. Save any changes.

  11. Tap < Invoice (top left corner) to return to the Invoice Worksheet. 
  12. Capture a signature if required (optional).
  13. Email the invoice to the customer (More tab > Email).

  14. Record any payments received (Payments tab).

Invoice status

Once you've sent the invoice to your customer, you can either change the status to Pending Approval or Approved, depending on your workflow. Doing so will mean the task will no longer be visible in your Completed Task list.

More on invoice status.

Create Invoice (step 5)

View / Edit Invoice Items (step 8)

Final Invoice already created?

If you land on a task using another method (e.g. by tapping a link back to a task) and a final invoice already exists for the task, the Create Invoice button will be replaced by an Invoice Worksheet button, to allow you to open the final invoice.

Create a Part Invoice

Part invoices are used at the start of a job for deposits or during the course of a job to invoice the client for part of the work undertaken.

To create a part invoice for an open task:

  1. Tap the More tab
  2. Tap Invoices

    If invoices have already been raised for the task, a counter displays on the Invoices button, telling you how many.

  3. Tap the (green circle) icon then tap Part Invoice (see image).
  4. Follow the instructions as above from step 6 to add items to your invoice and send to your client.

Read more on the Invoice worksheet Read more on adding items to an Invoice

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